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Welcome to The Hairy Bear: The Witcher Off-Topic



So Henry Cavill is gonna play Geralt? I think with proper direction he will do fine. He has the looks, it's his biggest asset, but if handled poorly he can't act.


Seems like a pretty solid choice to me. I actually like him as Superman. Those movies have other issues, but I've never thought the actors were part of the problem. And he's been good in several other roles.


He's a fan of the games and subsequently the books like many of us here. He almost lost the role for Superman because he was grinding on WoW when he got that call. All this in interviews (check IGN for the witcher part where he says he would love to play Geralt at that time, now we know he has been cast since the past four months)
I still have high hopes for this, should turn out great.


I feel Cavil's too big and bulky for the role, doesn't have the face shape either, he looks too pampered to be Geralt.

Witcher  Casr.jpg

Nikolaj Coster would've been a better fit imo.
I dunno 'bout any of that, but I wish this thread and the pizza thread would be combined in some bizarre incident to become the Hairy Pizza Thread. Pics compulsory.