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We’re celebrating 10th Anniversary of The Witcher!

cyberpunkforever;n9455661 said:
nobody posted the trailer!?
THANK YOU! for that video....! Wow, I nearly teared up! Wish I could be there. Seattle is a great place to visit. PAX would always be engaging, but - - - just to reminisce among fellow Witcher fans would not even require words. Will see if I can livestream from England... and, holding my chalice up, Cheers! Thanks for all the amazing memories.
ddfcoold;n9459721 said:
Does anyone know, where we can get that awesome desktop wallpaper with all the characters from the end of the video? :rolleyes:
A-ha! Now you can download it at media section of : )
I know
Vesimer dies in the battle of Kaer Morhen
but seeing the wallpaper without him.
The feels....
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ReptilePZ;n9442941 said:
Over these 10 years, what are your fondest memories related to working on the franchise? Do you have any big regrets or things you are especially proud of?
.canni;n9445001 said:
Where there any last minute changes prior release which changed the plot of the series/part?
These were asked at the panel.
sv3672;n9460461 said:
To include characters from the previous games, it would have required making W3 models for them, which I guess was seen as too much effort for a 2 minutes long video. If I recall correctly, it was said by one of the developers some time ago that Iorveth and Saskia are still considered alive. Edit: if the comment refers to the game, rather than the new trailer, then their absence is indeed a disappointment, as is in general that the older games, their characters, and the decisions you make tend to get "forgotten" over time. Hopefully this will be improved in the future and TW3 will not receive the same treatment.

I wholeheartedly agree with everything said above, but I'd just like to add that not only the game characters were "forgotten", but the ones from the books too. I rather enjoyed seeing them in Gwent, but it would've been lovely to hear about them a bit more in the games. *ahem* Angoulême *ahem*

On the topic of Iorveth and Saskia, would the fact that they're considered alive cancel Matters of Conscience?
adamthomas1994;n9435661 said:
What are the chances of adding a New Game Plus Plus to The Witcher 3? So that players can continue playing through without beginning from scratch if they wish to?
There is a mod for that ;)