What advice would you give CDPR?

I would tell them to read this forums, and take a good long close look at the games that clearly influence the CP2077 gameplay.

Witcher 3;
Deus Ex Human Revolution ;
Metal Gear Solid 4;
Yakuza Zero / Kiwami / Like a Dragon.

Then try to grasp the best or said games and mix all together with rhe hardcore rules of CP2020/2033/RED and setting.

Or at least give back the game shown on trailers and demos as it was better in every single aspect shown.

CDPR: READ this forums, specially posts like "What would fix the game for you", and the ones listing missing features from the game.
i'm sure that the development of the game isn't on-hold whatsoever! Or rather, that's what I'd like to believe ;)

Generally speaking after the game is released majority of people involved on the project are directed to other projects.
In case of CP2077 it could be future DLC or other games. But I'm afraid not even a DLC will amount to what is needed for Cyberpunk 2077 to become what it should have been.

The DLC would have to be massive for people to eagerly come back to it.

Development is still ongoing sure, but outside of bugfixes there's no chance of seeing anything that actually is worth a 3rd playthough.

Even if enemy A.I alone is fixed somehow I don't see many people beeing super eager to jump in to experience it again.
The easiest part is fixing problems ... the game, if CDPR does just that, it will remain between the 'mediocre' and the 'deplorable', but with a beautiful city, some light effects, pleasant. The game needs to be rethought from beginning to end, maintaining the story, polishing that story (which has another infinity of problems). It is a game that has not been decided, like CDPR, what it wants to be. Everything is outside of what they propagated, everything.

I am pessimistic ... I wanted to be different ... but every hour in game, it is an hour of more disappointments and I have 200 hours in game ... even because I have no alternatives ...

Maybe stop playing for a while and try BG3. Was really cool and there are very good games out there with living rp, good lore and Immersion. Maybe after some months you will read about some great updates and changes and come back. I already put CP2077 on ice as it would be weird to feel pissed and play it still. I am sure I won't find what I am looking for in the game without changes and those are only possible from the devs or modders.
Maybe they should pull a Square Enix, and announce they will re release the game completely revamped in less than a year. It was amazing for FFXIV, SE saved the company from bankruptcy and managed to completely finish and improve the game which they support with updates to this day in less than a year with much less resources and less man power than CDPR. If they can do it, so can CDPR.
Get your heads on straight, sort out your management issues, stop redoing things for no particular reason (its just a waste of time and resources) and put all your eggs in the cyberpunk basket for the next 2 years.
I don't like 'shooting' games ... I like RPG, history, context, graphics, Sci fi.

My last hope died yesterday with a romance and the most complete lack of creativity of the CDPR on the subject, something that surprises by the low level ... and absolute contempt for the game and the community, players, in general.

Tough words, I know, but they hurt the players a lot more than the CDPR directors who, so far, have ignored their community or replaced it with 'television shows' and dubious advertisements ... no one needed glitter show 'biss' and a lot of eschatology, people just wanted a game.
CDPR can fix all the performance insues with the game, If CD do just that, the game will die in less than a year ...

To clarify, by “fixing the game”, I didn’t just mean performance issues. That’s the bare minimum.

I was talking about substance as well. More side jobs with more impactful choices, more activity within the city, more customisation (character, cars, weapons, apartment).

Maybe most of all, this game has many good side characters, I’d like to see more interaction with them.
No need to rush, because that's what caused the unfinished game in the 1st place.
But start finishing the game, because this is not a finished game in so many aspects.

If they require guidance, they should call the redemption masters, Hello Games, AKA No Man's Sky devs.

As a gamer with 38 years of user end experience here are my pearls of wisdom......

If you make a point of shooting people down with, " It will be released when it is ready ", when they ask the release date, you should try to release the game "When it is ready". I was happy wait as long as it took, so long as what you released was pristine and with minimal bugs.

Ok so you had a derpy release and roll out, lost a lot of hopefuls and potentials. No big deal, no big sin...... I have seen many many games nose dive after a bad launch and roll out. It doesn't have to be like that though. Best thing you can do is hold your hands up, own your mistakes and then put them right.

Best approach in my opinion is fix your bugs, mistakes and things working not as intended. That is priority 1.
Reward the players that stick with you through this journey, with in game items to help customise their characters.

1st major DLC should be free to people whom already own the game and did not get refunded.

I have always been a fan of the cyberpunk universe since I was a kid and felt that one of the main features that appealed to me was customisation. Going forward, I would like to see customisations of weapons, vehicles, homes and clothing. It would be nice to be able to loot/buy stickers/badges and apply them to pretty much everything. Paint would be a nice touch changing colours of stuff you get. Stripping down weapons/cars to put better parts in etc.

So I think you can redeem yourself if the content coming is a huge and polished pleasure to play.

I for one will be sticking with you for the journey, so I hope you push this game in the right direction now.

Devs - Keep up the good work!!

Managers - get your heads out of your butts and start thinking realistically, don't try to BS your way out, the gaming world is rapidly changing and if you don't move with the times you will be swept away! We are aware of the legal situations you are facing, but stay focused and believe in what you are doing. Your community will understand and work with you, so long as you are honest and open. Most importantly, listen to your staff and your community. They are the future of the game and your actions will ultimately define the outcome. The gaming industry is a dog eat dog world but Sales in the sector are up by 74% thanks to the current affair with Covid-19. If you are gonna do something amazing, now is the time, but do it right or don't do it at all!

You can still turn this around, stay focused and committed!


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1.Increase the difficulty of the game, balance the figure in the game, improve the AI level

2. remove the unnecessary design such as rubbish and food in the game
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1. Abandon Switch, PS4, and XB1 platforms. They are already last-gen. Focus on PC, PS5, and XBSX. This game's visual ambition has outpaced last-gen, so leave those platforms behind. Put all your time, resource, and finances where it matters, going forward. This cuts out all the nonsense and misappropriation of valuable developer resources.

2. Nudity (male and female). I thought this was supposed to be a more adult game? It's probably too late to remedy that now. What a shame. You created a beautiful world ripe for a more serious, nuanced form of storytelling. Instead, we got yet another mindless shooter/action game.

That's it. If I can think of any more I'll post them here to be ignored.
I like this thread. Even when people don't like the game, they at least try to come up with some constructive feedback the devs can build upon to improve the game.

I would tell them that they should follow the vision they had for the game. Despite the cuts and the lack of polish, the foundations and the potential are stellar.
Now that they've figured out how to deal with 1st person and that they've made all of those beautiful assets, they just need to take advantage of it and fill the world with it, by providing the players more options and to give the player more interactivity with the setting they've beautifuly created.

And I'd say that the amount of backlash they faced is caused by the passion people have for this game and its setting. This passion can be extremely rewarding and eventually put them right back on track if they use it to improve their game. If there is a studio I know that can do it and provide players with a strong follow up, it's CDPR.
1. If it's an unfinished game and you had to chop half-working content off to make the release date, continue development of the game and bring the intended vision to us.
2. Call devs of Final Fantasy XIV and Hello Games for advice.
3. Now that you made crapton of money, hire better game designers to rework some of CP77's gameplay systems.
4. Hire better tech. guys as well. Or if you have the best, give them time to properly code the systems.
5. Find a new designer of interface.
6. Stop over-promising.
Hello everyone!

Here are a few things I'd like to write down after 70 hours in the game. I hope, it will be useful as feedback at least :)

It is just my opinion, but for me personally, there are some issues with the gameplay now.

The hacking process is too simple now and this is a serious problem

It is fun when you're able to hack some person from the distance, but here are some problems with it:
  • It feels inconsistent
    • Why Vincent just throws his scripts into enemies network? Is there any protection?
  • It makes the netrunners gameplay too fast
    • I don't need to use access points or any type of environment to defeat someone, just push the kill button from the distance
    • As a result, I'm running across the Night City without stops and losing the beautiness of the world
    • As a deliverable of that situation, you might see some deviation in your progress' funnel, if you're looking at high-intelligence characters - they're leaving because it is boring to play that way
What might be a solution there:
  • Don't allow Vincent to send offensive scripts without hacking the local network
    • He's able to hack it through physical contact with an access point
    • He's able to hack it through physical contact with nearby enemy
      • Using his head-port, which is totally lore-friendly already, remember the scene when the Netwatch officer tried to hack Vi
    • He's able to hack it through physical contact from a distance, using a monowire (every user will say thank you for that)
  • Before that, he is able to hack interior items like TVs or use whistle
  • After hacking the local network Vincent is free to scorch down anyone
    • It slows down the gameplay, which is totally fine for the role
    • It makes the role more realistic
    • It forces to use the environment
The monowire feels strange

I'm a bit confused because it's blunt damage. There is a lack of callback then you're using that aug, which makes me sad. I can't see where it is charged or not.

The animations are nice, but I'm sure that any netrunner here wants to cut through enemies with some bloody special animations. Because this is the monowire, this thing should be sharp as hell!

The quest markers are ruining the gameplay :(

Pretty simple here - if I'm infiltrating into some corporate factory to steal the chip, I frankly don't want to know where exactly it is!

The radio doesn't work as a radio

Any station feels like a playlist, not a radio. Why songs almost every time start from the beginning?

One more thing about cars - rearview mirror would be helpful :(

The endings

The last thing for today - you've already created the situation, where two different people have emerged into each other. The brothers who Vincent boxing with. So, this is already lore-friendly and you would use it somehow :)

Wow, it was a journey for me. Thank you for the new and beautiful world. Please, don't give up.

With the huge bag of love from Russian game-developers
Keep your mouth shut. Don't build expectations on dreams and ideas. Don't sell the bear before it's shot. Under promise and over deliver. Don't describe the car as Lexus if what you are selling is a Lada in reality.
About NMS and Hello Games mentioned in this topic

What I do know is that, regardless of the game's sequences, the situation - because of haters, criminal and clueless people - the situation stopped at a table by Scotlan Yard (the police) when they threatened the developers.

HG didn't need to give anyone more content ... and people need to start respecting or imposing certain 'limits'. What, in my view, liquidated HG was the advertising around the game and the absolute lack of interpretation of what is said. Luckily I do not base my ideas on supposed 'majorities' ... they are not always right. The history of the world is there to prove it.

But HG nonetheless continued to produce more content and not because they thought they should please someone, but because they make games and like what they do.
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