What do we think of the patch?

So Im in the default apartment and "negotiating" about the new visitation rights, get options for the available apartments, select the newest apartment in dog town... and she/he declines. I get the reasons why they cant but their explainations are very badly written.

No fast travel point at a metro station. Not sure how I feel about it yet...

The damn hacking tab is still always visible by default when scanning people! I dont need to see the tooltip of my hacks. When I scan people I want scanned information. Its supposed to show information about literally anything but me or anything on me. This should have been fixed right after the last patch screwed it up. Now I got to use a mod again or wait untl mods are working again. [Mod got updated within hours. See how easy it is to fix things?]

The metro interface is very strange. Why is it showing me departure locations where Im not at?
The button line is also strange. The buttons to activate the ride should be all on the left and the exit buttons all on the right. Took me three attempts to push the right buttons to start the first ride.
Would be better if it shows the ride we currently have selected, maybe highlight the route entirely. Because this tiny buzzing arrow is abit difficult very bad for our eyes and I say that as a glasses user.
Also would be nice to walk around instead of being stuck to two locations. But its nice we can switch from seated to looking out of the window just by turning our head without pushing buttons.

The date feature seems unfinished or not well thought through. First of all they bother you all the time. Second, when I decline I have to wait two days to invite again. Third, when dealing with more than one romance [like judy and river on a female V] the cooldown starts for both when declining one. It makes no sense. Get rid of the damn cooldown. Let us invite when we want who we want but limit the romance options to those we romanced. But waiting two days for no good reason isnt fun.
Judy also doesnt get the intimate options like River when sitting on the couch. And she turns her heard in a weird direction when selecting the ancient conversation options. Like River and Panam, they all have to look into a certain direction when using those lines. As if they are on the phone and must be kinda static.
The conversation options are also always visible and they have a huge range.
There is also music coming from somewhere but there is no radio visible that we could interact with in the glen apartment. And its always playing specific themes we cant stop.
And after the date the phone is showing the usually story related yellow exclaimation mark. Indicating something important. But its just dates. Which shouldnt be visible there.

Found a random car jacking mission with the scanning vehicle. It scanned, found a car nearby but before I could move out of the property to turn around on the street it was out of range. Cant tell if its a new or old bug.

Did another car jacking mission. My car went completely uncontrollable as soon as even one bullet from a persueing car hit me. Its like the controls turn super sensitive during fights now.

i got out of the car and the radio turned on.... Exactly what I needed. Random radio channels activating on their own.

The pedestrian walks appear slightly elevated which is a problem when driving a motorcycle because on rare occasions it shoots us unto the air, straight up, like we hit an obstacle.

I was heading to the dog town entrance and suddenly found myself in combat. Voodoo boys decided to pay me a visit (the second attack in like ten minutes). And the entire dog town militia decided to join in because my gun auto locked one of the voodoo vehicles and something must have hit a guard or something. Thats not fun. The same happened during the car jacking mission when the police decided to join the attackers because I shot back.

Even netwatch joined the suprise attacks... in the middle of dog town. After reading the shard of one of them dropped my radio activated again. Also the local "law enforcement" didnt like me shooting at netwatch so they gave me a star.

Hanging out in the inventory or character screen is still annoying thanks to the "deedldeed" every ten seconds. I hate playing without mods. But the mod to mute the annoying menu sounds got updated.

For those with a flickering bed and drink spender in the default apartment, go to the computer and recolor the apartment to any color and then switch back to the one you want. Should be gone now.

The radio in every apartment still cant be interacted with. Its blasting random channels all day long. But it switches to romantic music when we start a date. There isnt even one in the glen (industrial) apartment in sight but its always on.

And as always, finishing a mission automatically activates nocture op55n1 because we always want to do that mission... Ugh.

This doesnt sound like a review, this is more of a bug report. And Im sure there is more.
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Great, this getting better and better. My biggest complain is about sonic shock no longer surpressing your location, so that playing a netrunner is a no go now or will be extremely tedious if you try to avoid combat or fatal casualties. I'm really p..... right now.

Oh, and using a consumable snack from your inventory now completely removes blood pump, not only from your slot, but also out of the cyberware slot. You have to visit a ripperdoc now to get it reinstalled, just for consuming a snack.
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Love it! My only gripe is that they seem to have nerfed the sale price of quick hacks.

Tier 5 Detonate Grenade used to sell for 25k a pop. Now it's like 1.5k :( Not sure if this was intentional or not as I can't see it in the patch notes. Here's to hoping it's just a bug. If not, oh well at least I made my millions selling them before 2.1 :ROFLMAO:
I like most of the new additions. The Porsche mission and the races are fun.

The romance hangouts could've used new dialogue options though. It's still just the same dialogue about scrolling BDs or asking about the Mox. They should've gotten the actors to record more dialogue.

I'm not happy about all of the new bugs though. I'm sure they'll be patched out in the next couple of weeks, but it screwed up a lot of features that weren't broken before. The lack of executions in particular is a bummer.
I just started another run. I accidently deleted my corpo. Oh, well. Now I get to play it aaaaaall over again. And the dogtown intro mission has some new additions, changes, fixes. I actually like that.
Overall, a really good patch with lots of nice content, bug fixes and (mostly) welcome changes. As a day #1 player, it's really good to see the game in this mature state, with the vast majority of the very obvious early bugs long gone and much of the promised content implemented.

However, an ambitious patch like this, which makes lots of changes and implements lots of new content, was always going to introduce its own share of bugs too. That's just the nature of these things. It's to be expected, and I'm sure that a bug-fix patch will come along before too long because some of the bugs are quite problematic.

I do, however, feel it's a bit of a shame that this is the version baked onto the hard copies of the Ultimate Edition. I get that it will be possible to apply the bug-fix patch to installed versions of the Ultimate Edition, but it would have been better if the hard-copies contained a reasonably bug-free experience. Perhaps CDPR should have known this and delayed pressing the physical copies until at least the first 2.1 bugfix patch was applied?
My only gripe (besides maybe no car customization) is the Axolotl and Sandy "balances" It went from being an endgame nicely earned powerful item to a TAD better than a regular one. Friendly reminder that this is Davids Sandy from Edgerunners, a Signature Militech private prototype sandevistian. YALL made an anime emphasizing how since it was made by a corporation it was significantly better than anything else on the market AND NERFED it to helI, to the point it's not an endgame item no more use wise. think the versatility of the apogee was hurt more than anything else, and like I said, being overpowered after leveling up and getting the best cyberware isn’t a bad thing in my opinion.

CP2077 is single player and always will be, AND most of these complaints aren't coming from new people. These are more than anything people who have at least seen multiple endings/have or want to have HOURS of replayability in a game with no NG+ , you wouldn't believe how much endgame rewards would help that.

Apogee is an endgame item, you have to put in TIME for Apogee sandy

You CAN BEAT THE STORY and still not be CLOSE to getting it

"Get good" or "Skill issue" isn't the problem although it's almost 2024, some people still only play video games for fun. Why cant V be overpowered IN the endgame??

Another way to "nerf" sandy couldn't just be oh uhh idk, increase the cyberware capacity for installing it????
PLEASE FIX back to what it was I don't want to "Try new builds and playstyles" because others are complaining about 2 ITEMS in a SINGLE PLAYER game that they don't have to use or upgrade
They finally let us turn off the Objective Marker. Best patch yet!
Nope. It just hide the text, jobs still get tracked as you can clearly see if you have Target Marker enabled. After finishing a mission, the game again tries to force a main mission on us as it activates the mission in the journal and the marker pops up on the minimap. Pretty annoying. I had to change the active mission several times the other day in a few seconds because the game insists of doing the Point Of No Return Mission and changed the target marker.
Since version 2 I never liked these things:
  • Enemies scaling with you
  • You get randomized boost stats when you upgrade cyberware and ridiculous increase of cyberware stats itself. Example: RAM regeneration boosts from 0.1 to 0.11 (or somewhat).
  • I got two clothes without any stats from Regina when I smacked down all the cyberpsycophatics without killing them... Meh!
  • Tier 5 weapons requires 200 components to boost very little damage.
  • Tier 5+ cyberdeck are not worthing upgrade to Tier 5++
  • Enemy who's tracing you after a quickhack is almost always the last standing one but thankfully the sonic shock helps us.

I can continue...
I liked the update's additions, but it's frustrating every time a major update comes out, without exception it results in new and old bugs. At the moment I'm practically unable to enjoy the game because I'm waiting for an update to fix the problems caused by the update..
I want the gangs to retaliate and chase when we attack them in free roam. They don't unless its gigs or quests, it's locked behind that and I find it disappointing. Please fix this CD Projekt Red, we want to be able to have the gangs come after us if we target them.
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I liked the update's additions, but it's frustrating every time a major update comes out, without exception it results in new and old bugs. At the moment I'm practically unable to enjoy the game because I'm waiting for an update to fix the problems caused by the update..
The biggest issue for me is that attacking gangs in free roam don't cause them to come after you.
They mentioned improving vehicle audio, but they flat out ruined the Quartz Bandit and Herrera Outlaw. The Bandit was perhaps the best sounding car in the game, now it's just... generic.
So I finished the intro of phantom liberty and as Im exploring or rather searching for certain stuff, I found myself at the expo. And I can visit it again. But no further than that. The next door is closed. Why? Why not let us go to the areas where we did missions?

Its a dream but letting us repeat boss fights would be awesome. Same room. Just drop the boss into it and go.
New update feels good in all honesty, radio wherever you go, apartments, the metro all nice.

Only issue I have is the random attacks that happen, easy to deal with by they ruin the flow, at least could've made it so instead of instantly getting into combat it gives you a notification of them being around, so you could rather go somewhere the vehicles won't get you at or just face them, usually I just Projectile launcher them to the next Samurai concert


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So many new bugs introduced, this shouldn't be happening 3 years in. Honestly, I think they should just call it quits and let the community work on an unnofficial patch for the remaining bugs... They'll just keep fixing 3 things and breaking another 5 with every patch. Has been like this the whole 3 years.
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