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What do you think the next witcher tale can improve from thronebreaker?

Personally I feel like the story isn't tied too good with the battles. Like when the story describes "The soldiers are tired, you lost half your men etc etc" and here you are doing absolutly fine in the battles.
Second is the unbeatable combos. The NPCs are suppose to be good, but some of them can form combos that are impossible for AI to beat.

What do you all think?
I was very disappointed with thronebreaker. The gameplay itself was sooooo much more dull than I thought it was going to be especially with the puzzles. It felt so childlike in difficulty that I was usually shaking my head at how dull the game was. It was so weird how this was supposed to be gwent gameplay and yet battle after battle only had 1 round?? That isn't Gwent and it felt really inconsistent.

I also got really annoyed at how the game seemed to tell me that I made a bad decision whenever it asked me to choose something. It said something like "You chose one evil for another". I'm not sure what the game meant by that but every time I saw it was annoying because it always felt like I was being criticized for what I chose.

Oh and I was playing on the updated Bonebreaker difficulty. It didn't feel difficult. Looked like they just slapped armor and some points on the enemies and expected that to work out.