What does this mean in the PC specific settings?


  • Adjusted graphics setting presets to provide a higher quality setup
It's somewhat vague. Does it mean that graphics have been improved and that lower GPU users should reduce their settings?

It seems a fair bit slower (Laptop i7 9750h 1660ti, 16gb huge SSD).than 1.52 at the moment unfortunately, even with FSR 1.0.

Doesn't look any different at Ultra. But I'm getting lower performance than I did pre 1.52 with the same settings so something is going on. Maybe just needs a hotfix?

I'm too early in the game to see any major changes, except the wardrobe and item viewer which are nice but hardly GPU breaking.

And if that is the case what has been changed?
1. Is this to do with crowd Ai?
The end of support for last gen consoles must have been something to do with that.

2.Graphics settings have always been graphics settings so it seems a bit strange as the settings haven't changed (until FSR 2.1 comes!) and there is no mention as to what has been boosted or reduced or optimised or whatever.

3. I'm still very early in my 4th playthrough but have any settings been increased in fidelity which might be causing my quite bad, in combat, reduction in performance?

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