What is the maximum relationship level with Johnny? (minor spoilers)

Is there any way to get over 70%? I already did 4 thing that should have put this to 100%, but didn't :/

  1. Getting all Johnny's things. Didn't do nothing. I hoped it would at least bump our relationship 5%.
  2. Getting Samurai bootleg. Again did nothing. My expectation would be at least 5% up.
  3. Finishing Kerry's story. That was quite a lot of work. I thought that would be 10%.
  4. Swedenborg's mission. I mean come on... Johnny was ecstatic when I changed the bot's algorithm. That should give me at least 10%. It did nothing.

Is this a bug or just overlooked? Maybe other ways to go over 70%?
I'm really curious about this too. I know the percentage goes up to 90% some time during the final mission / ending, but I'd kind of expect it to be able to get to 100%
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