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What is your biggest fear regarding CP2077

I don't really have any fears for the game. I have faith in CDPR and I know they'll knock it outta the park (They wouldn't release something they're not proud of)... But! I hope the romances aren't cringey, and the gay relationships aren't stereotypical like a flamboyant guy with a lisp etc.
State your nightmare here.

Mine is a departure in style and tone from the initial trailer which looked mindblowing.
I fear that the story will be completely linear
My biggest fears:

1. Too much resources put into constructing the huge open word environment, instead of focusing on the story. It’s impressive if one creates a huge word to play in, but for me the story is far more important.

2. Moving towards a politically correct story telling, and forcing the player to bring decisions according to the taste of the developers (like Mass Effect series and DA 2&3)
Story is really important for us, if not the most important part of the game. Hopefully you'll love it :)
Well damn, that is nice to know but now also kinda sets the bar high, wouldn't you agree? :p

I guess time will tell. Whether people have hype or reservations, I think we all look forward to it.

And if it's shoddy, NCPD will arrest you and put you in an iso-cube!
my biggest fear is that you will not receive the success you deserve : you put your soul in making videogames because you love videogames ; my fear is that maybe cb2077 could not be appreciated by everyone and they will say you're not good on making videogames, not like other software house ; or maybe they will not notice that cb2077 is your first shooter ( in combat system ) and your first game with vehicles.
I loved RDR2 but then, i notice the online is full of microtransaction ; i noticed that some missions is single player is available only for who pay a lot more than the standard edition , and is not good. Love Rockstar Games but my idol is you now , not only for the videogames you make ( i already know cb2077 will be a masterpiece...the demo was WOOOOOOW) but for how you treat videogamers. Please don't never change in this .
Good work now for your next masterpiece.
Cheers from Italy :p:sneaky:
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maybe the only thing im worried about is the AI of the enemies during battles...:unsure::unsure::unsure::unsure:
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There is nothing to fear here. CD Projekt Red has always put its content and development before all else. It is one of the few remaining true game companies, as it does not pander to the witless impatient masses and will ever always strive to bring us the best game possible in its own good time. Keep up the good work gang, maybe i will get lucky and be part of the team one day.
I can't say I have a specific fear for Cyberpunk, I believe in CDPR, and I know they won't disappoint.

My biggest fear has to be that they continue keeping quiet like they're doing now for the next year and only release it in 2020/2021. Don't get me wrong, I want to give them all the time they need to make it perfect, but in the same breath, I would like to play it yesterday.
No microtransactions :)
Holy Crap.

How often does this have to be said by CDPR representatives before people stop throwing microtransactions around as wild speculation? CDPR are not habitual customer abusers who have promised to be better, and now we're all waiting around to see if it's true. They just don't do this stuff. It's the GOG company we're talking about here.
My biggest fear....which ones? I have many..:eek:

1- I fear that V (we saw so little so far...) has a bland boring personality , helped along with a James Vegas companion that only know to call you Juanita every 5sec......and to add to the get boring one liner dialogues choices that you can't even identify when you are trying to decide .

Dialogue choice and personality . As a player that worry me , I be there making choice....

they seem to be confidant in their story telling and thats great . But I don't wanna be that bystandar that just click click click to see a story lol an rpg , you live the laugh and cry and die trough it .

2- No Abs in
I am afraid that the leveling system and characters upgrades will inevitably make the game too easy to be enjoyable.
While it's not a fear per se, I'm a bit curious how 2077 is going to handle the impacts of AI and Transhumanism. So much futurist Sci-Fi portrays it's characters as 20th century archetypes with some shiny gadgets. Just look at Star Trek. Most stories never consider the feedback loop of tech changing us and us changing it.

One of the things I enjoy so much about BLACK MIRROR is that it intimiately examines the transformative effects of technology (positive and negative) on the human experience or even what it means to be human. Look at society pre and post internet.

I understand that Cyberpunk isn't a game about Transhumanism. But it would be difficult to imagine that AGI (or even ASI) won't exist by 2077. Even if augmented human intelligence doesn't advance, being able to think in digital timescales would change everything. Bostrom is onto something regarding this topic, and I'd love to see CDPR take some of his thoughts into consideration. And once AI start designing things, the era of human invention is over. I hope that the impacts of automation on human workers is conveyed in 2077.

Separately, I'm very curious about the potential of Netrunning. I'm praying to the robot overlords for more than just hacking mini-games. The narrative potential is immense when you consider the implications of full sensory immersion. Players could be in virtual environments and not even know it. Players could BE AI and not know it. So many possibilities. And in such environments, the physical rules of meat space don't have to apply.

Of course, no project can deliver on every dream. These things may be big asks from a dev perspective. CPDR are intelligent people. I'm surely not saying anything that you guys haven't considered already.
THE ONLY FEAR IS : Doesn't have Ciri in the Game, even her voice, or a little easter-egg meaning about her. :(

Yeah, i know, i read the news.. don't say more, i will have the surprise when it comes out.
There's no point where i'm actually scared for this game, if everything is good as Witcher 3 was, i will just enjoy.

Maybe i will be disappointed if we can't get to the Moon (LuL).
cuz of this scene Moon.jpg

Anyway don't put too much pressure on yourself CDPR.