What is your favorite character in Cyberpunk 2077?


He has NO chill and he does NOT fuck around.
Yeah one of my favorites for sure. Yet my first thought went to Vic, personally, when I read the question.
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delamain has not contributed anything to me, surely because he is not human and his missions are not very interesting
Wow. Delamain AI is complex to the point that it has split personalities. Delamain struggles with identity issues as well as life and death and the meaning of it all. It’s a deep character with thought provoking quest lines imho
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I still don't know that boy, I'm looking forward to it. I hope it impacts me for the better ... or maybe not ... we'll see
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Panam and her beautiful behind.View attachment 11125736
the pants fit him perfectly
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Evelyn left the biggest impression on meView attachment 11125454
Evelyn's look says many things and all very interesting
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Judy and her story redefined many things that I held about beauty, love and affection. It is so well written and captivating that its the single most defining thing for me in Cyberpunk and nothing comes close to the weight and impact it made on me. And I know many feel same about Panam or River and Kerry and I am happy to see that is the case.

I have played so many games and killed so many bad guys and beasts in so many ways in what feels like endless hours and by far nothing was as impactful and definitive to me like Judy, her character and personality woven in with her backstory. Learning about her childhood has shown rare trust and openness to vulnerability for the sake of love. And so much love went into making her who she is. I wouldn't change anything about her, I desperately only wish for more time with her!

I feel humbled and honored to have met her and I'll forever be grateful to the lovely people that made her reality. She is the only true driving force for me in Night City. And a story so well told like hers, modest true and dignifying to the end has to me more value than the tale of any legend. Set in this dark meatgrinder of a mega city you will find her story and many others that flip your understanding of what Cyberpunk is, what you expected it to be, it takes you by surprise. And in this dark future where hedonism and sin is a badge of honor for most, you still find true beauty and selfless humility amongst all the chaos.
In terms of narrative themes, these extremes were only truly obvious to me because of Judy. But there is far more to say about her still but words wouldn't do it justice....

All of us should never stop to promote these values back at the developers for the characters we love. In hopes they will give us more time with them, what else could give us more joy in Cyberpunk really? No amount of blown off heads in any new ways would ever be as memorable.

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what beautiful feelings, I have cried with her too. It's magic what they have done


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Judy. Definitely hands down. Beautiful character, one I could relate to, which is really important to me giving the fact where I live and how LGBT folks are treated here.
Judy's backstory was a bit similar to my own, so when I heard it, I couldn't help but to smile for a long time after experiencing it. I just can't thank CDPR for all this. I know some people just don't understand how representation is important to other people. When you are insulted, harassed, beaten even for your sexual preferences, you want to see something positive even in a game for who you are. Writing it is cheap, you honestly have to experience it first hand to understand it, sadly.

But I also have to mention FemV. I can't express how much I loved it that she wasn't just a shallow protagonist without any emotions. She could get angry, sad, happy, awkward, it was so very refreshing to have a living protag in an rpg. I loved that she also had some backbone and sass. Again, CDPR did a fantastic job with her.
Jackie was one of my favorites. I wish we had more of him. It would've been dope to develop that relationship a while longer and have it be more organic. Viktor was an all around great guy. He seemed like a genuine friend and I loved his voice acting. Judy was also very well written. I enjoyed her backstory and her side mission was one of my favorites in the game. Lots of awesome characters in this game!

Man of honor and a sweet heart. Who would love to explore, a romance with this wonderful being is what we need. PS: Viktor too!

I think I could count how many characters I dislike before how many I like. Almost all of them are written superbly.

The stars of the show though, for me, are Judy and Panam, probably in that order.

About as generic as an answer you could get but their side-jobs do such an amazing job at fleshing out their characters. I even really like femaleV, despite being the protagonist.
My favorite one will be without any doubt Judy, no need to tell why. Second one will probably be Panam, they both are the best written characters in this game. I kinda wish we could see more of Victor tho, I loved that guy even if we didn't get much of him.
This is a question I can't answer.
The characters in this game are so well written and presented to me ...

I love Panam.
Jacky touched me, I like him a lot.
Johnny is great ... right from the first encounter and I love every talk with him.
Evelyn is good character ... enjoyed her.
Goro is great.

So far only little experience with Rogue.

July is clearly not my favorite.

I am sure I missed someone I really liked.

So ... if I must decide, I would vote for Panam. But Jacky and Johnny are very, very close behind.

So far, for various reasons:
My V, Takemura, Panam, Judy, Claire, Carol, Mitch, Johnny, Regina

And as weird as it sounds, I'm gonna give the entire Maelstrom gang an honorable mention with regards to characteristics. Been playing around for nearly 20 hours in a still lockdown'ed Watson and I really like these goons. Especially when I was in a firefight with Tyger Claws some Maelstrom strolled by, and one of them actually said something like: " hey, someone's gettin' zeroed" then they drew their weapons and started shooting up the Tyger Claws. (Afterwards they made the mistake of attacking me)
But this, the various missions I've done with the guys and the lore I came across... I like them more and more, in a twisted kind of way.
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