What would Fix the game for you?

I'm sick of the coffee billboards suddenly changing to something else when I get closer to them. The disappearing headlights and taillights on the cars, the pop-ins while driving, the horrible ai (cops, peds, drivers), the lack of more radio music and the bugged dj's talking in the middle of tracks, the lack of the subway system, BD's are useless (I bought them all thinking I could use them), the lack of car and weapon customization, no user-radio (folder to put songs in and have them play like self-radio from GTA5), and pretty much all the content that was cut for last gen console sales (they downgraded the PC version so it matched console version, and that makes me mad as hell.)
More random events. We’ve only got gang members shooting at cops or holding up civilians. Gets old quick.

A reason to go to my apartment. Seriously. I forgot I had one for a while.

Fixing Delamain. His quests are still buggy as hell.

Lastly support for a controller. The game was built for a pc. I get that. But shooting with a controller shouldn’t be so horrible. I learned this quick in the Stadium Love side quest.
Game fix: getting rid of the horrendous microtransaction system that makes up the in-game menu. All of that overcomplicated nonsense has no business being there.
leaving out the bugs. Urgently correct the AI and the difficulty level, many mechanics are obsolete.
and cross your fingers for the content they promoted which is not found
More than half of those were preorders that cant be refunded. Another quarter are day one sales, that also cant be refunded.
And all of those bought the game under false pretenses... being promised a game, that it flatly isnt, And of course a lot of people wont have the will to go through some tedious refund process over 60 bucks.

The game that was promised was just so high in demand... I genuinely am looking at it now and thinking, I should've bought Watchdogs Legions or Assassins Creed instead. Those are joyless cashgrab open world games, but they dont really try to be anything else, or were ever promised to be anything else. CP77 is just the same, but it promised to be so much more.

And I mean it isnt even one of those cases where you can say "well what did you expect from that company" cause... its CDPR, they made the witcher, they should've been able to create the game they promised to create, we know they can do it. They just decided not to.

Honestly, I kinda expected this since there were problems developing the Witcher 3 but CDPR somehow held it together back then. I dont doubt that CDPR are a fantasic company for the games that they produce. The problem is clearly Internal. Leadership is like in 99% of these modern companies imposing authoritarian processes on creative employees and are not listening to creative specialists.

To me the only problem it seems, is that CDPR's owners did not deal with the leadership problems from The Witcher 3 and let them continue through to CP 2077 unadressed.

Im betting someone in a CEO position sweet talked them with some fancy professional jargon beyond blatant fact and they got suckered in. Imo CEO heads need to role and leadership needs to be restructured, so that work can proceed on this game and its predecessors in an organic and healthy fashion.

Cyberpunk shows a LOT of sophisticated creative approaches.

It simply lacks execution.
I was afraid the game bricked my ps4 pro. After installing and playing once, I booted up to a broken screen. Half the screen was missing and text was streaking, rebooted and had 4 copies of the welcome screen stacked horizontally. Found the solution on another forum, inexplicably using a different TV seems to correct the problem. The very first NPCs I saw were duped and holding invisible objects. I'm going to uninstall and see if it's any better down the road. What an absolute disappointment this game is, just glad my ps4 wasn't permanently tanked.
I really feel game needs a big balance change and respec option.
The fact you progress so slowly with passive points means you can finally start playing the build you had in mind at the very end of the game when you don´t have anything to do.

I think CDPR should take notes from Ubisofts Division and Division 2!
Great way to implement endgame content. Also huge stuff to be learnt from Path of Exile!
Cyberpunk needs a real endgame where you can grind endless and build variety!
I'm lucky. I play on PC and haven't encountered any major bugs or glitches that have disrupted gameplay. Being honest, this game would be perfect in my opinion if:

- There was more than one set of origin intros which go all the way through 'The Heist'. Having started with all three characters at this point, it's clear that the full intro section (i.e. Jackie introducing you to Night City etc) was written near exclusively for someone starting as a Nomad. Maybe it's just me and my RPG needs, but this has been done very well before (i.e. Dragon Age Origins) where several different Origins gave you enough time to have a clear idea of who your character is and why they're doing what they're doing. In this case, it would have helped immensely because there is only one male and one female voice actor, so no matter what their start in life, they all sound like they're off the streets. I'm admittedly not a fan of either voice actors performance, but that's a really minor gripe.
- I wouldn't care if there weren't any romance options, but because they're are, it would have been nice to have a much wider variety of romance options rather than 4 individuals, one of whom you won't even meet if you don't do a side quest.
- Changing the passing gang/trauma team/police aggro system. I've been annoyed a few times by being suddenly in 'combat mode' because I got too close to gangs on the side of the road (even when driving) or stood staring at a police investigation for too long.
- The way to increase certain attributes is not made clear. I literally spent the entirety of my Street Kid run walking/running, everywhere unless it was on a different land mass and I barely got 2 athletic points. I'm not clear on what exactly I need to do to increase this attribute but it is one that I would definitely like to benefit from.
Hi Cyberpunk people

I completed the main story and all side quests
30 hours +-

what would fix the game for you? in your honest opinion?

we waited 8 years, is this what you expected?

what could the red devs add/remove/fix in this game it make it better?

Oh boy, you know, it'd make me the game much muuuuch better if pretty much everything that dunkey said wasn't spot on, maybe add a couple of things to ACTUALLY want to replay the game or continue playing after finishing, although I say this with 260+ hours in lol.

But in ALL honesty, the game would be decent enough if they at least provided 50% of what was advertised, at this point I'd even be happy if they FNFF'd the secret ending making it virtually impossible lmao
for me to be able to begin the game , even just to be able to play , having more than 20 fps with a 5950x + 6800xt in 1080p at medium or whatever the resolution (should be more than 35 in 4k on my system according to "reviewers") would be a start , i can't even have the pleasure of laughing and counting the other bugs that i paid for....
for me to be able to begin the game , even just to be able to play , having more than 20 fps with a 5950x + 6800xt in 1080p at medium or whatever the resolution (should be more than 35 in 4k on my system according to "reviewers") would be a start , i can't even have the pleasure of laughing and counting the other bugs that i paid for....
Woah, that for real man? Sorry to hear about that, I've been running mine in two rigs, one with almost the same specs (instead of a 6800xt have the taichi 5700xt) and an older one (2700x with a 580blah nitro+blah) and think that have an average of 50+ to 30+ on the other one, both on ultra, how amny graphic options did you change? film grain, blur, all of those?
what would fix the game for you? in your honest opinion?

Removing the police "system". I'd rather have no police at all instead of cops spawning IN MY FACE when I shoot some lone hobo in a dark alley.
I boggles my mind how that c*ap made it into the game... Like, what was the thought process behind it? It completly breakes some quest options (looking at Sinnerman). Someone at CDPR saw this nonfunctioning placeholder "system" and said "yup, that stuff makes sense and should be in the final game"... WHAT?!?!
- Barbers and tattoo artists - you can copy a ripperdock and add a person there that can do both, dont really care, we need this.
- Bars that can have darts or pool games... copy the mama wells bar and try it from there.
- Also getting drunk in bars... add an option where we can just sit and get drunk.
- Some mini games in casinos or arcade.. - this can actually be like late 2021 thing.. dont really need it.
- Fix AI of the NPCs... also add 20 more NPCs and 10 more cars for variety... when i play on high crowd we see them pretty much the same people and cars.
- About cars - next to their "mission" add a picture of them or the bikes. Also if its possible when we go and buy the car or the bike we should asked to race for them to be cut the price for 20-25% and if we win we get that discount. That way the "mission" wont be heres the cash and done...thats not a mission.
- Another thing about the cars - add: TOP SPEED, ACCELERATION AND HANDLING next to them. Trust me people love to compare things..
- Nomad cars, make them good in the badlands... pleaseee...
- Add cutscenes about we get implanted with cyberware..
- If possible bring back the mantis blades, monowire and gorilla arms missing features... If possible.. i know its gonna be hard..
- Make helmet dissapears without us putting it away and lossing armor...
- If possible let us switch hands...will have to mean change of the grip hand...maybe not this one lol
- More romance options - though this doesnt matter much to me cause we have soo many things to do - better things..
- Involve the other corporations a little bit as well. Like give us a job to contraband like in the start.. what happened?....
- Dont drop the prices of items and everything else.. it needs to be expensive that is why we need corp jobs..
- Get Nomad jobs like getting info that corporations have some delivery and we rob it..
- Make gun fights from cars and bikes possible when alone..
- If possible try to get more clothes varieties because they are very weird and some of them even dont stack.. like the police vest, does not stack..
- Please fix the police system... They drop 1 sec after i shot someone... make the stars go up slower and get them to chase us more often. I got from 1 star to 4 in matter of 50 seconds.... fix that and players will actually try to fight the police loool
- Make the Police come first with cars then after 4 -5 star come with airships - like final fantasy XV those dropship we got every 15 minutes lol
- Make 2 types of races... Death race which we had missions for it.. gunning and racing and plain old racing where we get cash rewards...
- Add more cyberware and an option to by one more slot... Also a legendary triple jump would be an awesome feature :D
- Would be cool if we can change our apartment.. add things. Watch TV without sitting maybe?...
- Would be cool if we get more side missions where we can buy a house or something - but this as romance is in the back of the list..
- Gun variety is cool but we need a perk or something to get off mods safely - this is actually more towards the clothing mods...
- We need more content. I dragged the main story a lot and i actually forgot some of it.. feels rushed and kinda cut..
- Get a bounty system on us from other gangs and corporations if we really pissed them off. 5 star bounty where they will send a killer after us.
- Make quest marker go away.
- Get the acid rain to actually hurt us a little bit.
- Get women or men to come to our apartment for some shh.
- Make Judy Bi.. lol
- Add braindances like.. get a call from NCPD and they tell you they need help with few cases and they heard you are good with BD...
- Check the clothing option we want to buy how does it look on our V before buying it... like in RDR2.. i think the shopping gonna be so much better.
- Remove stats from outfits OR and this is my opinion have a system like they added in AC Odyssey where we can put what ever we want and just change it to looking like we want to look.
- Zoom out 30% of the mini map when using a vehicle.
- OHH yeah and for the love of God.... please make the camera in the cars a little higher.. i know we are like 5'7 WHICH IS HELLA SHORT FOR A DUDE but he is driving with his sight like he is 10 years old.. cant see anything.

AND for the best thing that would fix the game for me would be different main story with hella choices and that would matter... cuz this linear thing.. hated it.
You know what would make a whole lot of sense? Having the pictures of cars to buy in the same window as their prices instead of the stupid setup of Picture and Name in one area and the Name and Price in another that the game currently has. What confusion of ideas provoked the thought from CDPR that keeping the information spread out was a good idea?
There are many things that would improve the game, but most require extensive work. Long term, I would like some tweaking of the main quest and the side jobs so that player choice has a tangible impact in the story and the game. I would also like the addition of a number of side activities and environmental interactions to make Night City a more immersive place. I don't see these changes being implemented given some of the design choices and the amount of issues plaging the current state of the game. In the short term, however, the following changes would add a lot of the game while requiring significantly less development time:
  • Improving NPC AI. Background NPCs do not run from danger, or get terrified with seemingly innocuous actions. Hostile NPCs are slow to react even in the hardest difficulty setting, and like to spend too much time behind cover, waiting for the player to take action. This affects both immersion and combat.
  • Adding repeatable, semi-random gigs or events tailored for the end/post-game so that Night City does not become a graveyard. As an alternatively, making NPCD events (assaults, reported crimes, organized crime activities) repeatable.
  • Fixing upgrade costs. Upgrading iconic items or specific pieces of clothing becomes prohibitely expensive due to scaling costs. This makes the whole upgrading systems not viable unless the player resorts to crafting exploits, and also punishes early acquisition of valuable items.
  • Including more enemy netrunners and drones and making smart weapons more common. This would make most encounters less repetitive.
I hope some, if not all of these suggestions, get implemented some time in the future. I really like Cyberpunk 2077 and would love to see it realized to its full potential, even if that potential is significantly lower than what was promised through marketing.
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major revamp of npc ai is top priority imho

it would add to true replayability when exploring night city when ai especially police and criminal ai demonstrates dynamic and realistic behaviors when reacting to player and even eachother.

having npcs atleast go "wtf"? when you take a bundle of cash from their desk in full view would add immersion at least. maybe even have them call for police response.

i honestly think they should bring back the cut motorcycle cop from the early screenshots. they could spawn from a block away and respond to petty theft. if the player stays in the area and is caught, the police will give you virtual citation or something and the game deducts a certain amont of eddies from your inventory

a robust npc system is really crucial to breathing life to the city. police, citizens, and criminals need to have complex behaviors. and the above example is something that adds depth to npc characters.
Personally I hate the randomized loot system. Id like something like fallout where every weapon is unique but two of the same weapons aren't different in any way. Less they spawn with mods. Said mods you can still put on yourself if you didn't manage to find one with them. I don't like needing to reload a save over and over again just cause a unique one of a kind weapon or clothing piece spawned with shitty stats.

I wanna be able to build my gear from scratch. Pick my guns damage type, upgrade it to have the max damage it can, pick the exact upgrades I want etc etc
I've played this more than pretty much any other game this year, so it's not like I don't like the game as it is. These are a few things I'd like to see though:

Fix obvious visual bugs that shouldn't have got to release. Floating cigarettes, HUD elements that won't go away, etc.
Performance optimizations if possible. The game can be a real CPU killer at certain times, and a GPU killer at others, and it's never quite clear why.
Fix immersion breaking things like no reflections of V, underwear in the shower, etc.
Improved NPC AI, random NPC events, etc.
A functioning police system. Police chases, for example. You could also have accumulated crimes come back to haunt you, and that's where the police corruption mentioned in previews but missing from the game could come into play.
Stuff to do outside of gigs. Minigames, etc. Things to do that don't involve combat and serve to make Night City feel more alive as well as add replay value. Some of the Yakuza games do this really well.
Third person mode. What's the point of making my character look cool if I can't see them?
For me there are basically three things that need to happen for this to be an almost perfect game:
1. Add an open ending where you actually save yourself and can keep playing after the story without the game saying "You'll be dead in a few weeks".
2. Fix the game balance and make it so that chasing power is actually fun and doesn't cause you to become so overpowered that nothing is a challenge anymore without even really trying to break the game.
3. Fix the technical issues.

Minor thing: Make all clothing pieces have no stats but instead just have an attachment slot for its armor insert so you can dress how you like.
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