What’s new in Night City? [Patch 1.2 development insight]

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CDPR's response was based on PC changes no mention of console, or more importantly, when patch 1.2 would be released.

Well, a few things here.

Firstly, I'm responding to critique of the structure of the blog post, not the content therein which I think has had some great discussion. Secondly, the changes will actually benefit console users more than PC users, because I can just download mods to fix most of the announced features as I see fit. Lastly, If CDPR is still following its game plan that they released alongside that apology video on Twitter, then the patch will still be focused on much-needed console stability. EDIT: In fact, a lot of people in this thread seem to be saying that the announced features aren't very robust, which could understandably be explained by QoL fixes not being the main focus of the patch.

As to the release date, I personally prefer that CDPR take a "when its ready" approach rather than committing to a hard deadline too soon (and thus repeating the mistake of the game's release).
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So basically it took you 4 goddamn months to increase police spawn distance, add speedoslider and keybinding option. What a joke. It really looks like fixing open fracture with a bandage

It has to be intentional to generate Hype, be it good or bad, unless it gives them pleasure to shoot themselves in the foot. xD
well i was expecting a bit more to be honest and I'm a huge CP2077 Defensor and supporter but...... I'm going to assume this is just the tip of the iceberg. Some quests require a repair, the NPC T pose, and weird behaviors. but at the same time I feel that it is an actual improvement especially when driving. I usually don't like fast travel but actually driving cars on CP2077 makes no sense with those aggressive left or right turns.

the fast travel button becomes more practical. this part is very good. NCPD's exaggeratedly fast reaction and their reappearance at close range was also and is very annoying, especially if the driving is not stable, you committed an accident and WHOOP WHOOP is da sound of da police.:ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:

lets hope there's more news about patch 1.2 I'm pretty sure there is cause if not well sorry to say it but doesn't improve that much with the major issues.
I read the official publication of the patch 1.2 of Vattier and nothing says there that there are more modifications. Sorry, but after reading the post about patch 1.2 I wrote my opinion not knowing that Vattier subsequently made a statement that there would be a lot more in patch 1.2. I understand that Vattier neglected something essential for who is going to receive the information. Then we will wait for the publication with the full content of the patch. And please, if you are going to give incomplete information about a patch, SAY IT IN THE SAME NEWS PUBLISHED SO NOT TO GENERATE BAD COMMUNICATION !!!!!
TBH it was pretty clear. Maybe dont just skim over when reading. What is truly worrying, is that is says highlights. Surely if they had an ACE up their sleeve, that would have been among those highlights? So probably, dont expect too much this time either.
what about general open world life inproovement ? ( gang "life", mercenary mission & so ? )

that "patch" seem... without a lot of interest honestly if its just to have somes car handling fix and somes cops "less absurd spawn" .. I dont know...
Will be improve the crafting system?
I doubt I can make a submachine gun from water bottles.

I don't still understand, why in Cyberpunk 2077 crafting system isn't same like in The Witcher 3.
When i needed craft a silver sword. I needed materials for sword - that means monster eye, silver ingot, leather straps etc.
It could be the same, only the materials will be different.
Is there gonna be anything in the patch that hasn't already been published at nexusmods?
No, probably nothing that affects story and immersion. Just minor fixes I guess. It's funny that people have been complaining about the driving and CDPR gives us a driving sensitivity doohickey like: "Here you do it" :) Can't they just fix the driving without me having to do anything? I thought those kinds of inputs are only made for racing simulators.
No more disappearing cars would be great for the immersion and I still hope thats it. Shouldnt be that hard to fi x/improve
Dude, the kind of serious dough they made with this product I wouldn't be surprised if they are chugging down Mojitos in Bahamas AS WE SPEAK.
I don't see what's wrong with that. I'd probably be doing the same, love a good mojito, given i'd consider deserving it myself.
Thanks for the Update. Really looking forward to the patch and more content. All things considered Cyberpunk for me is the best game that has been released in a very long time. Keep up the good work. (y)
You're in no position to be making these jokes. This is just a band aid placed on top of a previous band aid system, that is so worn out, that it can't cover for your mistakes anymore.

You can pretend the game just needs to be patched, but we all know, that it's flawed at it's core, and needs a rework on basically everything, except visuals (when they work), and that 1 mission when you go retrieve the hack-bot.

Yes, everything else NEEDS a rework.

I'm just sorry for the people who worked hard on the things that were actually good in the game.
Yes it is true, if you done software development for a living you would know. These are really easy and fast fixes to implement, it doesn't take three months to do them. Only thing could explain the extremely lengthy development process would be either that the codebase is a complete mess and therefore really hard to refactor, or the development team is really inexperienced.
It is clear to me that you have not actually done anything with software development at all or on a codebase larger than a few thousand lines, and most definitely not on a project that is more than a few years old. Otherwise you would have known things like this are actually not this easy to fix and implement. A lot of systems (have to) coexist with other systems and a change in function A can easily adversely affect a process all the way down in function Q, and this has nothing to do with poor design. That's just the way software works in general.

I maintain codebases of more than 20 years old, and despite having worked on them for the past 7 years, there's still plenty of things that I don't know about them. Small intricacies here and there in the way the various components interact with one another make things a lot more complicated than they may seem at first glance.
This is going waaaaay above expectation! :D:coolstory:
Has any other game company gone the extra 1000 miles like this?!
Thank you almost sounds lame :cool::love:
Huh? This is barely even a bump..many game companies do this as well and this patch so far sounds like they haven't put much thought into any real fixes and just put unicorn bandaids on big cuts..like the police AI..there still is no chases..the only change is the drone and the police show up a tiny bit later..not much improvement and rocking your car free and a slider for car sensitivity..big whoop ..but each to their own
Most complaints came from players using keyboards on PC or were on platforms with lower frame rates
So... Everyone?

A lot of systems (have to) coexist with other systems and a change in function A can easily adversely affect a process all the way down in function Q, and this has nothing to do with poor design. That's just the way software works in general.
Only if it's spaghetti code. In a clean code, systems should be as independent from each other as possible.
Relax its only a patch, I will do another run when the dlc comes out which could be another 6 months. Maybe around christmas time
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