What's wrong with a viper head?

Can someone explain why they removed the head from a viper at Gorthur Gvaed?

My first thought was, when I got the card and noticed the missing head, that the reveal image had been a still of the premium version and that the snake moves in the premium. Doesn't exactly make sense, in hindsight.


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Is it from the normal or the premium version?
Is it still intact in premium (and gets destroyed by a projectile maybe)?
Is it from the normal or the premium version?
Is it still intact in premium (and gets destroyed by a projectile maybe)?
The screenshot is from the normal one, but the premium one is almost the same with just animated fire. You can see it in the deck builder.
It saddens and worries me that it's been 3 weeks and we STILL have no official statement on why the viper's head was removed from Gorthur Gvaed. And now we lost the freaking wine glass from Masquarade Ball's art. What's going on CDPR? Why are you silent? I know I am not the only one who is bothered by this matter. And I know that we all fear the same thing... Chinese censorship.

You started with a wine glass and a viper head. Things that were sure to be noticed, but aren't CRUCIAL to the card's art. We can live with that. But what I am afraid of is that you are just testing the ground. You saw little to no reaction of the fans. 2 posts on Reddit and this one on the Forums. Which means that, if you would remove the chopped-off head from either Harald or Auberon- maybe the fans won't make a big deal. And if that doesn't cause an outrage, then it won't be long till our Papa Vesemir pat's the Griffin on the head in his Mentor card, or simply punches the Wild Hunt warrior in his standard version. And slowly but steadily, you won't need to deal with separate chinese and western clients- it will all be one big, censored mess.

I HOPE that I am TOTALLY overthinking this. I hope that I am wrong and that this indeed is a glitch or something. [...]
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For those curious, Pawel Burza explained the change over on Twitter:
We changed the art design in this card because the vipers felt too “high fantasy” and didn’t fit the Nilfgaardian art style we have in the game. This decision was made by our internal lore keepers.
Hmm... not sure how I feel about that explanation, to be honest. A headless snake is lame... but it is what it is.
For those curious, Pawel Burza explained the change over on Twitter:
This "explanation" is a BS.

What about the art of Vypper card now?

What about Ciri's far-east outfits?

I didn't know that CDPR's "internal lore keepers" are from China.
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I also find it incredibly unlikely that CDPR even has internal lore keepers, let alone actually listens to them. Granted, I really wish this were true. There are so many confusing and unsuitable Asian references in both the Ciri and Alzur Journeys that these hypothetical lore keepers would have instantly shot down. The numerous depictions of CDPR's mascot inside the game don't really fit either, but that's not as big a deal as all the ronin crap.
I also find it incredibly unlikely that CDPR even has internal lore keepers
They have. The term most likely refers to their writers, including Slama, who check on the lore, and create the 'flavour texts' for the cards.

As far as I know, the artists sometimes do propose ideas, which are, indeed, shot down by the lore keepers, and never see release; however, I've no information about the specifics.
Quite a few cards have had their artwork "edited" to date, and quite a number of premiums have been downgraded for various reasons.

There have been some "explanations" given along the way, usually after long periods of radio silence in the face of increasing unhappiness from players.

Ultimately, CDPR can do as they choose, but whatever the real reasons, it means that I can no longer trust that artwork that I enjoy will remain as it is. This is particularly annoying when you spend real money to get it - e.g. buying meteorite powder to transmute a favourite card because you like its premium version. As a consequence, I am far less likely to spend real money on things which can be spoiled at any time afterwards.

Incidentally, let's not forget that some cards we acquired, the leader cards, were taken from us entirely, without recompense. I do miss many of those, particularly the premium versions. Even if they do return (and are unedited), it will be a bit galling to have to buy them again, especially at 800 powder each for the premium versions. I very much doubt that I will spend real money to do so now.

The game still has plenty of great art, but it's a shame to see it being compromised, whatever the reasons. It might also hurt the game's financial viability if players are dissuaded from spending money in future because of this.
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