What's your favorite ride so far?

Im going for one that hasn't been mentioned here yet and it isn't the fastest or the best handling car though it's still decent at those things. Still I absolutely love it. The Rayfield Aerondight it is.
In terms of sheer presence nothing comes close to it. Not even other high-end stuff like the Caliburn. You also can't find one on the streets and steal it like you can with some other cars. You will have to spent quite a bit of money to get one so
it's pretty accurate to its lore too. In terms of street cars it's basically the ultimate flex. Perfect for my Corpo V :cool:

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It must be, can only be... the Kusanagi. Akira vibes all day long!

That being said, though I never drive it (See: Kusanagi) I did gig long and hard to buy this ridiculous thing cause I love the opaque windows:
The Arch It is the one that feels best in first person.
However I am very disappointed that we do not have a Hyperbike in the game with the style of the Tron bike.
I <3 pink bike is i can found it @ boss is give mantis blade . but well
normaly I just hi-jack a car on road - _ - and I am fine. even I keep see a same face person in each car.

Hijacked one of the lambo type cars that you can't see into, went to park on the sidewalk, a pedestrian walked IN to the car and I was instantly killed by some cops nearby lol.Loaded back in and it was gone. The speed and handling was amazing though.
LOL! Half the cars make me feel like I'm 6 again, and can't see over my Mom's dashboard. Riding Jackie's bike exclusively now unless I feel like jacking something just because....................
Imo it's the Quadra Turbo V-Tech by far, seems to handle better thatn the Calliburn for example, at least for me, since when I loose track with the calliburn, there is almost no way to catch it again.
The V-Tech tends to loose track easier, but can also be catched.
And for bike, well Kusanagi obviously XD.
For me it's a toss up between the Quadra Type 66 "Avenger" or the Rayfield Aerondight. Currently driving the latter atm.

Yaiba Kusanagi is also prettty good.
Jackies Arch for the crowded city streets, and the Herrera Outlaw for everywhere else. Neither are the best or fastest in slot, but I like the way they handle and look.

Edit: I just got the free Caliburn and that car is glued to the road, and is the fastest thing I have yet found. And it is very stylish with a green interior, which happens to be mt favorite color. I may go back to the outlaw, but the Calibrun is also very enjoyable.
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the "coyote"

she don't look pretty at first glance,

but she's dependable, and when you strip her down, you'll find she's got it where it counts
Not the best to drive but nice to looking at

Chevillon Thrax 388 Jefferson


Thornton Colby Vaquero
Delamain, the Porsche and the Coyote are the ones I use the most. Just wish Delamain had something to say every now and then.
The Magikai Maimai.

I've unlocked a lot of other vehicles and this is was my first and still my go-to for zipping around the city, i love drifting around corners and squeezing through traffic at full speed :LOL:
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