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What’s Your Opinion of Thronebreaker? [Spoilers]

Greetings, travellers, and welcome yet again to the world of the Witcher! A new path awaits you, but you are not alone. . .

What think you of Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales, the REDs' latest storytelling venture? Share your thoughts, and let us know your opinions!

Feel free to post your initial reactions, memorable experiences, thoughtful critiques, or overall impressions here. In doing so, a certain amount of spoilers is inevitable, however, for the major ones, please, use Spoiler tags.

And, as ever, please, keep feedback, comments, and criticisms respectful. Thank you.
I'm into second tutorial battle... what's with the flip coin, why isn't coin auto-flip to opponent when the card is played, but we have to do so, this is gonna be coin-trolling really soon in PvP. And you really did put "sleep" Hearthstone part into cards, activating ability in the next round. That's just bad. Or funny?

I'm really not impressed with the mechanics, wasn't impressed before. Year and a half testing gone into wind, CDPR should have created Thronebreaker for Gwent, not Gwent for Thronebreaker.
I love it! One major heartache that I have if I made a mistake and built or bought the wrong camp imrovement theres no way to reverse the decision. I have to start a new game. There should be a way to make a separate save file. I always turn off auto save in every game I play.
Loving the story and presentation so far... even though the "hard choices" shtick starts to feel a bit formulaic/contrived. The gameplay is well crafted, and actually fits this kind of story driven experience much better than it does the multiplayer Gwent... all in all, very good game, hope there is more to come in the future!
I really like the Gwent puzzles.

haven't progressed too far into the story to have an opinion about it yet.

walking around the map to collect stuff is really tedious though. and a bit anti-thematic. "Oh poor peasants, the Nilfgaardians burned their houses! what's this, they left some Gold (and planks?) in this smoldering barn? Well I'll collect it thank you very much!"
it just seems a bit forced way to make this somehow into a game instead of a pure visual novel. (between puzzles and battles.)

In the deck builder section, I really don't get the distinction between "you don't have more of this unit, but you can craft another" and "you can't even craft another copy of this unit". it's not visually implied either until you view the "craft" panel to find out if you can or can not craft more of it.
After 13 hours I have a lot more to say about the game. :p

I really really like the art style and all the details in terrain, map, background images etc. Also, the characters' varying expressions and postures during conversations add a lot to both the story and general atmosphere.

Flows nicely, but does not demand to be followed; allows exploration within the maps' limits. Which is great.
From what I've seen so far, many twists and turns await... and unexpected ones, at that. Didn't expect anything less, but still.

Puzzles and battles
Loving, loving, loving these! A lot of variety in goals, rules, difficulty, setting, enemies...
I'm playing the game on the hardest difficulty, and while I often need multiple tries with puzzles and battles, nothing has been frustratingly hard.

Let's just say I'm never playing the game with the music off. It fits the game perfectly, and the general style is familiar from older games.

Choice and consequence
No right or wrong, as is the norm in CDPR games. Hard decisions, but more replay value when there's always another "grey" path to try.

Edit: Controller highly preferred. Makes movement a lot smoother, and isn't that clunky in menus/battles either.
Also really liking the look of the button prompts for Xbox controller; brown and smallish rather than the usual red/green/blue/yellow and largish.
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I'm very much enjoying the game, my only complaint is that the Thronebreaker-specific cards should all be unlocked in Homecoming from the beginning, even though you need to uncover them for the RPG game. Art is great, performance is good and the story is interesting. The puzzles are sometimes confounding, but they can be figured-out. All in all a very nice game!
Just got past the part with the first twist. So good! I know a certain local noble who I intend on making one head shorter by the end of the game.
I'm enjoying the story. It's getting more and more interesting with every hour.

The puzzles are enjoyable too and can be challenging (the only thing I don't like is that there are sometimes a few RNG elements which I think shouldn't be in a puzzle). I just wish the normal battles were more challenging. Also, it's a bit sad that most battles are reduced to just one round.

But overall, a very positive experience.
Well, i've played only a bit, still way less than most here, but i can already say, unlike HC Gwent, Thronebreaker actually lived up to my expectations and i dont regret buying it day one at all, CDPR really earned my money there.
42 hours in, been playing for 10-14 hours stretch at a time since launch, will say loving every bit of it.
Guess need to give me eyes (and self) some rest to tackle the final battle now lol
Got a question for other thronebreaker players:

I noticed in a few battles, you have an optional objective to defeat x unit. I tried to do these on all 3 battles with these objectives on Map 1 but didnt succeeded in a single one.

What happens if you do complete those objectives? Is the story different? Just a few dialogues? Do you get bonus resources? Or maybe special cards/rewards?
What happens if you do complete those objectives? Is the story different? Just a few dialogues? Do you get bonus resources? Or maybe special cards/rewards?
As far as I have personally noticed, it's just an alternate win condition with no further differences.
Very nice, but very easy battles, even in the hardest difficulty, at least up to the 3rd chapter.

Isbel of Hagge is bugged as well (which I am reporting just now before you ask). Her boosts are insane. Just today she was ready to boost for 296 points, then my opponent played a dwarf that damaged 2 enemies by 3, she went up to 302. Then I hovered over the Lyrian Horn and some cards and she was suddenly sitting at 346 points of a boost. If I took even half that damage all my units would be well evaporated. Something's clearly not right.

I am told battles pick up in difficulty in the final chapter, but still, that's something that should be addressed for the whole game I think

Puzzles are pretty good and intriguing.

Storyline options are tough. If anyone has finished it, or at least been past the 3rd chapter, is there a way to keep all your companions? I am asked to boot one, by 2 others, and I am worried that if I don't, one of the 2 asking for that will go instead :p
Yeah, im also finding the game to be too easy, even in Hard mode. It's probably the only complaint i have for TB.

Some of the "character units" / golds you get are incredibly OP, and even some trinkets. I havent even needed to craft more cards, just tweak the bronzes every so often, and add the golds you earn, and the standard battles are getting easier instead of harder.

Luckily the puzzle battles still provide a reasonable challenge, and are always different.
I love the puzzles. That is the best part of the game. The standard battle becomes boring fast since there is not a lot of deck diversity to begin with, and the enemy decks are not hard to counter with the same strategy (except some boss fights).

The exploration is fun and finding the hidden chest from maps is where it is at. I would like to see more of that if there is a new gwent related RPG. However, I do not like the fact that I cannot find the last 4 chest in the Aldersberg map for some reason.

The achievement through out the game is a nice touch to connect TB to HC gwent. I do hope they can give a page of TB achievement in the game itself since it is hard to find the not-obtained achievement unless switching back and forth between the games.

As for different characters in the game, I do feel that they are not deeply developed compared to the story itself. The only 2 characters other than Meve that I care are only Gascon and Reynard. The rest of the characters are less memorable.

Overall, I do love the game and hope to see more of this in the future.