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Why does Dudu's effect get blocked by shield?

The title pretty much says it all. I was extremely frustrated to learn in the middle of a match that an effect that DOES NOT cause damage is blocked by an effect that ONLY states it blocks the NEXT cause of DAMAGE.
Actually started using a deck with Dudu yesterday, but havent tried it on a shielded unit. It definitely seems like a bug, because copying a unit is definitely not damaging, its not like destroying or draining, which could be debated if the shield protects from it.

Until its fixed, i'll make sure i wont copy a shielded unit then.
Does Dudu trigger the ability of the unit that it copies? I haven't used him myself.
Yes, it is a full functioning copy. Dudu is at 10p though, so it should be carefully used.

EDIT: Or do you mean the ability of the opponent's card? Not that I experienced it so far.
It doesnt allow you to use the deploy effect of a copied unit. Havent tried it yet on an order unit, but my guess is that it'll work, and you can use order a turn after.
Oh, that was the question. Your description is correct. Order units work fine, given you have the requirements for them to work. Deploy of course doesn't, since you don't play out the card.
Hmmm Dudu seems kinda expensive to run if that's the case, uh?
I see it like you, that's why I pointed out, that for 10p it needs to be used carefully. I could imagine situations, where it could pay off (to counter cooldown units, for example), but I've also fallen into the trap once to put him on board forgetting that the card I copy needs to be in a specific row (and I placed Dudu -of course- in the wrong one). But then again, I'm known to be a derp :p