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Why remove the trio tho



Why remove the trio tho

The reason in live stream is "too hard to form in real game"

I mean trio is indeed hard to form, and it is one of the most obvious tactic (as soon as you get one of your trio card out your opponent will know what you gonna do), but I don't see why removing it is any good. Considering it is hard to do, shouldn't we get bigger reward if we do? and if opponent failed to prevent it, it shows his/her build has fatal weakness and need improvement

I even thought about suggesting Northern Trio archetype, and then it is removed:comeatmebro:


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Yeah, I don't think it makes sense at all to remove the trio ability completely. Trios also made NR a more unique faction, and I thought they could have made a couple of new trios. Henselt and Reaver Hunter Scouts made it much easier to have a trio, and so that alone challenges their stated reason for removing trios.


Exoclyps;n9406491 said:
I think that is exactly the reason why they removed it. I think they wanted to remove huge power swings.
This seems like a likely reason.

Reaver Hunters' Trio ability could definitely create massive power swings. Even the Blue Stripes Commando Trio was powerful when executed via a Kaedweni Sergeant and Henselt, because the players who played that almost always had Ves in their deck as well.


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At least RH trio seemed legit based on the lore behind the card.Also if they wanted to remove huge powerswings they should increase the Geralt Igni threshold to 30+ points or rework him completelly.


From my point if view in most cases Trio abilities only worked well with Henselt and there it produced power swings that were not healthy for the game. Not sure if removing it completely was the best thing to do but I'm not going to miss it that much to be honest.


I don't miss the Trio at all.

Being hard to form, Trio cards could reach full potential only if they managed to do it.
I prefer more consistency, and less swing potential, too.


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As was said, Trio was either too powerful (reaver hunter), not worth setting your line up to get Igni'd (BSC without Ves) or too powerful again (BSC with Ves). I find it a bit weird that they both removed the trio effect and the actual root cause behind the huge swings (Henselt does not work on reaver hunters or the new BSS anymore) instead of waiting to see if trio would still be played in a meta without Henselt swings behind it. While I agree that making it harder to form would make it less consistent it would give certain NR decks the option to try and go for a slightly more risky setup in rounds where they might be cutting it close and benefit from planning ahead instead of just reacting to what your opponent is doing.


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it was a case of poor execution. most trios were terrible, and the one good trio was put on a card that already generates massive power.

the blue stripes trio was crap, given how the point of blue stripes is to play with (old) sargents and the base copies don't get buffed, so they just sit on the bottom of your deck, doing nothing.
the wild hunt warriors had the most interesting trio; it was easy to pull with navigators and eredin, but for some reason the devs forgot that igni and scorch are a thing... the card might aswell have the text "give your opponent a massive igni"

reaver hunters, however, already generate massive power with their bond ability; and the devs gave them a very powerful trio. combine that with the fact that NR has no problems to stagger strength (mainly dandelion) and you have one of the most horribly designed cards in the game.

TLDR: trio was a good idea with terrible execution, i'm not glad to see it go, but i'm not sure if they would ever make it work


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I play (should say PLAYED) NR. Reaver Hunters, Ves, Dandelion (Countered Igni against RH trio), Kaedweni Sergeants & Henselt were the key to winning I think w NR. Now?? I got nothin.