Why was it so difficult to upgrade to Way of the Witcher?

I am just trying to determine why I had to jump through so many hoops to upgrade to the latest expansion with the Android version of Gwent.

First I had to go to the play store to get the update.
Then once it downloaded in the play store I clicked update, and nothing happened.
Returned to the application itself, and it still had the Alzur opening image with the cannot connect to current version.
Then uninstalled Gwent and redownloaded everything from the play store.
Then had to put in my password and 2 factor code.
Ran the application, where it unpacked the update.

I mean, please fix the auto update for your mobile device users. This should not be an issue, especially for the casual players.
It's odd, my experience was launching the update in the play store and... that was all.
Then I started the game and get WoTW screen, game was updated with new version.
@Messyr I guess everyone draws the short straw sometimes, except for former console players with CDPR.

We own that short piece of ... plastic.
Sadly, I had to go through this entire process again for the latest patch. It seems every time a new card is added, the Play store updating fails, and I need to reinstall the game.

I'm on a Samsung Galaxy 8 about 3.5 years old.
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