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Hmm...Velen is very close to perfection...But kaermorhen...well in my opinion, STLM gamma look more natural, WLM too unnatural yellowish in daytime and interiors may be just litlle-little more dark
I don't have any opinion on what is better, but maybe a comparison of the same exact camera angle would be better to see differences?
If you are going to make a comparison like this at least make the angles, time of day and weather the same so the shots can be I don't know... actually compared.
I dont want that, you decided before that i wlm is copie of stlm base on what ? We are all rush and fast to put blame on someone...
It is same save. And i am rushing because some people here want to burn me like a witch. It is not compression on which is more beautiful it is identity comparison
Decide what? It two separate mods...WLM going far ahead of STLM...IT s not STLM more, too much changes

Let's not forget that the differences aren't only cosmetic. You said there's also going to be a performance improvement in 7.4. Making the game look better and run better at the same time is something that no other lighting mod does. Up to 5 more fps is actually a pretty big difference.
Yes that also, but in some scenes but i will work to improve upon it. Also mod is evolving, every region will get new things that some regions alredy have. There is masive amount of things i plan to improve, that is why i like to work with all of you people with good and creative opinion but in the first place good will. And on top of this, you have new weather types that was good before, but it will get much better. And yes, interiors are soo diferent, all weather types and soo on.
Few posts deleted.

Once again, everyone, stay on topic and keep your posts civilized. Thank you.
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