Wiedzmin w bagnie A witcher in the swamp

Jak w temiacie. Aktualizacja 4.01 zainstalowana, żadnych oznak ze mam aktualizacje Next-Gen za to Geralt porusza sie jakby był po szyje zanurzony w błocie. Oczywiscie przed aktualizacja wszystko bylo ok, nic nie zmienialem w ustawieniach, a wiedzmina 3 kupilem juz dawno.

As in the subject. Update 4.01 installed, no signs that I have Next-Gen updates, but Geralt moves as if he was immersed up to his neck in mud. Of course, everything was fine before the update, I didn't change anything in the settings, and I bought the Witcher 3 a long time ago.

Ma ktos jakis pomysl co sie stało i rade co powinienem zrobic?

Anyone have any idea what happened and what should I do?
Yes, but both the mods and the game have been deleted and the game has been reinstalled
Removed entirely ?
(i.e manually deleting all remaining files/folders which are not removed by the launcher)
PS : I ask, because it wouldn't be the first time, nor the last I guess that players claim to entirely reinstalled the game, but they "simply" used the launcher.
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