Will there ever be a built in option to be able to romance any NPC?


Would you really like option to be able to just fall in love with any NPC without rejection?

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I find this idea highly intriguing. If nothing else, it would certainly provide reasons for replayability.

NewGame+ feature from other games I recall allow you to play the same character through the same story again only to tackle higher difficulties or try out crazier builds. Generally gameplay/combat only.

If somehow this feature affects narrative aspects like romances~~~I wouldn't be against it if sufficient reasons are provided. It's like unlock secret endings on new playthroughs.
That would be pretty cool (y):shrug:(y)
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If I wanted completely inconsequential dialogue "choices" I'll go load up Fallout 4 or Mass Effect again, my dream is to have dialogue where based on what I choose (and not just narrative) have about equal chance of turning them into a lethal nemesis, apathetic stranger, and/or life long lover.
This is cool too, and I doubt we would see that level of depth, but if we do I would be very surprised and happy about that, but of course an optional feature doesn't ruin that, it just opens up the possibility (if enabled by the player) of dating someone (NPC) that was previously hardcoded to make it permanently impossible to date them. The player would still have to say the right things and do the right things of course, right?
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