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i went to that spot the guys is not in there was it only on that date
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No wonder I've never seen it, thanks a lot
i went to that spot and the guy is not in the locatin sitting on the seat weas it only on that date
I don't know if this card is much better than my current card. RTX 2080 ti, and I have max graphics settings, and it runs just perfectly fine.
corps are guarding them as if their lives depended on it.
On the same page, people on twitter are posting screenshots of random "gr3en" stuff but (now I may be overlooking all of this) the message from Dino seems to be hinting at a "specific" green thing that will help him get info. I've been trying to find it for hours every day. "Corps are guarding them as if their lives depended on it" and it's green. I've looked through all Arasaka locations in game, (Arasaka Industrial Park, Konpeki Plaza, Arasaka Tower, Arasaka Waterfront isn't accessible but even the guarded gates have nothing worth looking at). There really aren't any Militech buildings except for the one in City Center but it's off limits to players. I really need help lol. If I'm actually on to something I think the next best place to look is anywhere a netrunner would be (besides in starting corpo area). Does anyone have any advice? Looks like so far (if it is indeed something specific) it has not been found yet. I'm losing my sanity over this
In the text on the image that appears when you complete the link is described the so called "task". It says, and i quote:
"...find something GREEN in Night City and take a photo of it. Message was pretty garbled, so it could be anything - clothing, veichle, building, you name it."

Phrased like that it looks like it can be literally anything, so the task is to get a "cool" screenshot of something green. That is how i interpret it.

My question is, which tweet should i post my screenshot to? The first one or the second? Can you link it please?
But i see most of the screenshots on the second one, or am i just misunderstanding how twitter works? XD I dont use it so often.

This tweet is the one i am referring to

If you look at those replies thats where you can find the most screenshots....are they all making a mistake....please explain ahah
I'm not 100% sure, but for me :
"post the photo in a comment response to the original message on twitter (you know, the one you decrypted)."
It point out the first message, the original one (the second is just an "update") :)
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Wish to see this card in my hands after mine 3060 unfortunate burn while playing Witcher 3
But overall this card looks fcking amazing
Hey, I just spent so many hours looking for this. How do you even get to that image?! Where do you find the actual link to solve the puzzle?
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