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Winners of the Art Contest have been chosen!



Winners of the Art Contest have been chosen!

Over the past few weeks, we’ve received over 800 eligible submissions to the GWENT Art Contest. Huge thank you to all participants – you did an awesome job, we were absolutely stunned by your creativity and attention to detail. Choosing the best artworks proved to be a real challenge!

Another thank you goes to our great community. Your support and passion during the Community Vote was amazing. In total, you’ve casted over 65.000 votes!

Without further ado – here are our picks (and yours!):

First Prize
Dario J.

Second Prize
Nikita V.

Third Prize
Damian Ż.

First Community Favourite Prize
Daniela I.

Second Community Favourite Prize
Felipe P.

Third Community Favourite Prize
Anastasia K.

Honorable mentions
Igor K.

Kacper G.

Rachel U.

Krassimir M.

Evgeniy P.

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While I might disagree with some of the choices, nonetheless, congratulations to the winners.

Now, I am still wondering if the other artwork will also be used in Gwent. While those might not have won, a lot of them are still great.


Congrats to all the winners!!!

But to be honest, I'd like to express my admiration to every one of them who joined the competitions for your brilliant works! So impressive! Thank you all :D


Congrats to the winners!

It was really a pleasure to check through all those participating art works =)


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I'm sure the Lady painting is Lady Iris, back when things were...better(avoiding spoilers). It would be cool to have another Iris card in the game.

I hope that particular Noonwraith makes it into the game. Not only is the art great, but it's from a classic quest. One of the first mysteries Geralt solves in W3.

And if that's the Lady of the Lake - what a great idea for a card! If not, the art is fantastic either way. Congrats to the winners. Now I want to see all the other entries!

PS: Marlene(the spoon lady) NEEDS to be in Gwent! And ... Corvo Bianco ;)


I must admit I am a bit surprised -- but not unpleasantly -- at some of the choices; nonetheless, congratulations to the winners! Thanks and commendations to all the talented artists who submitted their work!

I'm pleased to see Vernossiel made the top three, and that the Lady found favour in the Community, along with dear old Borch and his girls.


That witcher has a beard and what appear to be pockmarks on his cheek... so methinks it's Coën. And if it is, about time he gets some love.


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Pardon my ignorance, but these winners will be turned into Gwent cards, correct?

Cant wait to make a deck with Bhork and Villentretenmerth, that short story was my favourite of all time.

P.S. - congrats to the winners, love the Lady of the Lake too, although she looks younger than i remembered.