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Witcher 2 xbox one issue

Witcher 2 xbox one issue

Im not sure if anyone can help me but its worth a shot.
In January of this year Witcher 2 was free to download and play. I decided to download it and play it at a later date. about a month or so ago I tried to play it and had an issue of it not even running. After looking online for a solution, the common fix was to uninstall the game then reinstall it. Finally it worked and i was able to play the game. I got to act 2, I chose Roche's path btw, and was having a blast. The same problem happened where the game wouldnt even open. So, i decided to do what i did last time. After uninstalling the game, it no longer showed up in my "ready to install" section. I checked the marketplace and it now says i have to purchase the game. I rebooted my xbox multiple times to see if maybe it would help, nope. still says i have to purchase the game. I contacted xbox support and they basically told me that since the game isnt on my profile that there is nothing they can do, eventhough i have many of the games achievements. They then told me that i would have to come here and see if CD Projeckt Red can assist me. So this is my last chance to see if I can get any assistance. I appreciate any help or any additional info. I'm not sure if i'm the only one with this issue.


some extra info:
-no im not sharing my gold with anyone or profile
-i specifically remember downloading the game not once, but twice
-dont own disks, digital copy

TLDR; Downloaded it for free, now it says I dont own the game and have to pay for it.

Way back when I had a similar issue but on Xbox 360 and with Deus Ex: HR. It had not shown the "download again" but "buy now" button and I actually bought that game! You can imagine how pissed I was back then. What fixed it for me is deleting my gamer profile associated with the game from my Xbox 360 and redownloading it back from the xbox live servers as the locally stored profiles can sometimes glitch out. You could try this trick and see if it helps, but since support had told you that the game wasn't linked to your account that has only a slim chance of success, but it's worth a try regardless.

Fear not if that fails though. You still have a few options left to prove you own the game. First, whenever you buy or download a digital copy of a game for free, as is your case, this action gets saved in your transaction history viewable through this link.

I'm not sure how long they keep track of your purchases but it looks like they do that for a period of one year.

Second, they send a receipt to the e-mail linked to your microsoft account, the one you use to log in on your xbox. So you have two options, ask them to dig through your transaction history or show them the receipt. If any of that confirms your purchase they'll have no choice but solve the issue.

I hope you'll get this sorted out. Cheers.

P.S. Make sure that you're trying to redownload the game with the same xbox account you used to get the game as it can actually be the culprit.
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