Witcher 3 / Game crash after mod installation

Hey everyone!
I've installed Witcher 3 on my computer about a week ago, completed the game and then decided to install some mods to have fun with. I installed the companion mod, and then I started getting the following error when I start up the game. It merely translates to "The Witcher 3 crashed. Help us by providing an anonymous feedback of this error." Not really explanatory. I decided to delete the game (I know mod files don't delete themselves so i did it manually), reinstalled it and without installing the mod, I'm still getting the same error. I've uninstalled/reinstalled my GPU driver, I've run Steam and Witcher 3 as administrator many times, I've checked the integrity of game files like a thousand times but it seems I'm stuck with this error. I'm afraid I might've corrupted the game files because even reinstallation didn't help. Any tips/help would be appreciated!


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Did you tried on a new save ?
(start a new playthrough)
Save files can contain mod datas which can cause issues even if mods are completely removed/uninstalled.
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Ok, I edited my post too late :)
So, the game crash directly when you launch it ? (so impossible to even start a new playthrough).

In case, backup your saves and in theory you can delete all the files/folders here (which can also contain mod datas)
C:\Users\[username]\Documents\The Witcher\
While launching the game, it will create new ones.
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Ok, if you use some kind of cloud sync (like on Steam), I guess it could reinstall saves and some "old/modded" files when you launch the game.
- So be sure to disable any kind of cloud synching.
- Uninstall the game from the launcher.
- Check if nothing is remaining in the game directory (for example on Steam > C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common)
- Remove the forlder "The Witcher" and everything in it (C:\Users\[username]\Documents\The Witcher\ and backup your saves in case).
- Then reinstall the game.

If it doesn't work, the best would be to try all of the steps in this page and send a ticket to the support if the game still crash ("Contact Us" button).
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