Witcher 4 Idea: 3 birthrights to choose

In W3 spell casting is limited to Signs where 1 is the main damaging spell and other one can be buffed to deal damage, while others are just for either exposing otherwise untouchable, shielding, or charming enemy

W4 takes place in new universe (different time period, different rules), where maybe someone could be born a mage, have also gone through Witcher training, and thus would it be possible for example Witcher to specialize dealing extreme elemental power, based on lets say a "Birthright"-choice.

The attributes could be something like 3 main offensive/defensive attributes: "Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence" and "Vitality"-attribute for small increase in health and Stamina. Talent trees would be divided into Brute force, Sneaking, Spells, with general talent trees that specialize like in Witcher 3 for providing out of combat bonuses.

I'm thinking like 3 options for Birthrights:

Affinity to Chaos
You were born with a gift of chaos. In early age you noticed under stress to always escape danger, and once you managed to save your sister in a house fire, without either being harmed by flames (sister also a mage?), but you were abandoned from school of mages due to events that were out of your reach and ended up being trained in Witcher school.

* Access to highest tier of Spell-talents
* Blocked from highest tiers of Brute force and Sneaking talents
* Spell casting consumes 25% less stamina


Lone Wolf
You were orphaned in early age, and became an agile thief to survive in the dangerous world. You became familiar with tricking opponents, stealing, cheating in card games and having first strike opportunities. You even managed to steal from a Witcher, who later hunted you down, only to take you as an apprentice due to your amazing agility.

* Access to highest tier of Sneaking-talents
* Blocked from highest tiers of Brute force and Spell talents
* First 10 seconds of combat, all Stamina costs are reduced by 50%


Early Attendee
You were taken early to be trained in School of Lynx. Even from the moment you gotten ability to read, you became familiar with making potions and knowledgeable with all monsters.

* Access to highest tier of Brute force-talents
* Blocked from highest tiers of Sneaking and Spell talents
* Potions are 25% more effective but last 25% shorter
* Damage towards every regular monster (non-boss and non-humanoid) is increased by 25%
* Physical attacks enemy stamina by drain +25% and skills +50% (Non spells)

(Names of the Birthrights might be rewritten so don't quote me on it okay :))

With these backgrounds we could have similar openings to Cyberpunk, but a bit longer, where you could have explained why a mage became a Witcher, or why some thief maybe met Geralt of Rivia when trying to steal an apple, and of course one option where you have a faint memory of being abandoned, while lets say Yennefer found you and took you to Witcher school to be raised, have some good explanation, maybe there was something special the way you were as baby, or maybe you just got found by a Witcher who for some reason took you in, and then early game scenery where you're young and going through training (far more extended),

and ultimately you all end up in Witcher school where you go through basics of the training, while same time having unique background of what lead you there.

Maybe unlocking these last talents would be a QUEST that's specific to every birthright, meaning that you won't see the talents even existing before playing far late into the game... or maybe it could be possible during the course of main quest to choose 1 person to survive, who would later give the quest to find these ultimate abilities? So there would be a choice which restricts you from the rest of the game to unlock another, even with resetting talents.
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while others are just for buffing
Yrden is not a buff, and the alternate form is damage. Axii has Puppet, which is definitely offensive (as opposed to defensive).
Quen is the only buff, and even it can deal damage.

No, I would not want the classic mage/warrior/rogue thing in a Witcher game. It just doesn't sound right to me.
No, I would not want the classic mage/warrior/rogue thing in a Witcher game. It just doesn't sound right to me.
But isn't there already kinda like "either you specialize on spells or melee" in this game?

With Cyberpunk release people were upset the birth choice didn't impact the gameplay, so I was thinking about limiting the skills in the top tier, while allowing otherwise somewhat balanced builds for every type of Witcher you choose to make.

There was some mod in Cyberpunk I remember seeing that added specific perks (lets say 20% more hacking damage) if you were Corpo and so on, I think this is what people were craving for, while still not being anyway limited to what you do. You just wouldn't be absolutely capped in max damage if you didn't go right path.
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