Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem


This has been released and looks like it's gonna be excellent, and innovative!

Two friends bought it today and I also did, as it seems the price will go up from 29 to 39 once full release comes this evening.
I love the skill wheel and the multitude of possible combinations. I'd like to see more skill trees like this.


Played it for a few hours today and so far it's great. It's a less complex PoE (but with plenty of depth) with probably the best visuals in a top down aRPG. If you're a fan of the genre, it's a must play. If not, it's a great place to start.
Very good game, I like it a lot. The visuals are gorgeous, especially the reflections -- looks ray traced, in fact.
Hey guys,

Big fan of Diablo series here,

Been playing Diablo 3 casually (it can get repetitive after a while) since 2015 and Wolcen feels like a great and fresh adition to the genre. Loved the fluid class system and the visuals are really something. Couldn't get into the story though.

With that said, it had a lot of bugs on the launch. Personally I encountered some game breaking ones that bummed me down, like, when I lost all my progress -- I've played several hours in, got pretty ahead on the questline and lost it all.

For now I'm giving it some time so devs can patch these bugs.
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