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(xbox 360) Issue with poison critical effect on poisoned Zerrikanian Saberra

(xbox 360) Issue with poison critical effect on poisoned Zerrikanian Saberra

Hey all,

Currently working through Witcher 2, and halfway through Act2 I picked up the poisoned Zerrikanian Saberra. I have put two points into whirlwind, and currently when I have that sword equipped I have a 28% chance for the poison critical effect on hit. However I have yet once to see poison trigger on any strike on an opponent. What exactly should I see, I notice when rotfiends sometimes attack or explode I see a green hazy outline around myself or other characters which I believe indicates being poisoned?

I also have the Silver sword with the "Freeze" critical effect also at about 28%, and if I have it equipped I definitely notice enemies getting frozen quite often (monster or human). I am not sure what I am doing wrong or if poison or if that sword is bugged but I dont seem to ever trigger a "poison" critical effect. As an aside, how do I tell if I cause an enemy to bleed, I also have bleed quite high (40% ish if I enhance with brown oil) but again I dont know if its ever triggered or not, its hard to tell (unless someone causes me to bleed :)).

If you're fighting Rotfiends, they are simply immune to poison and bleeding, whereas freezing is a weakness of theirs as it even stops them from exploding, so it's impossible to trigger those two effects on them. Generally speaking though, you should see a green glow on enemies when they're poisoned. Bleeding is a bit tougher to notice, best way to see that is to look at the health bar of the enemies, as the effect causes them to suffer damage over time, though I believe you can actually see them bleeding.
Thanks for reply! Yea I figured Rotfiends wouldnt be the best test as I figured it they were poisonous themselves they would be immune to it. I also realized I am on hard so perhaps humans have higher resistances to poisoning? I am going to test on normal vs hard and see if I can get poison critical effect to trigger
Yep, the higher the difficulty is, the more resistant enemy humans are to critical effects. It's also worth noting that an enemy can only be affected by one critical effect at a time.