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Yennefer & Chironex - Best Faction



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Yennefer & Chironex - Best Faction

I'm a big fan of concept or thematic decks, and usually like to play around and find what works best for myself but this time im asking for your advice, as some of you might have experience with this.

So, the card im talking about is the regular Yennefer, that spawns a Unicorn or Chironex. It's wonderfully versatile, but almost all decks i've seen using her are swarm decks - fill your side of the board with way more units than your opponent, so when you use Unicorn you get way more points than your opponent. Usually those decks are NR or Monsters. I can't criticize those who use that strategy as i've been one of them.

But what about poor Chironex? My wish is to create a deck that would focus on putting very little units compared to the adversary so the chironex will give us a great point swing. The problem is all factions seem viable to do this:

NG - obviously spies. Fill your opponent side with those 1/2 pt spies, plus his own units, then Chironex seems like it would work well.

MO - Monsters are known for spawning many units, but through consume you could actually just end up having 1 or 2 units super buffed units, the problem is the associated risk. Worth it?

SC - Spellatel, focused on damaging but not destroying units, while you buff a few units on hand/ deck. And combined with Toruviel as i think Chironex doesnt affect ambush units.

SK - i've seen once a deck that truly impressed me, where all he did was play Champion of Champions and buff it like hell, protect it and ressurect it through 3 rounds, but again, it would be really dangerous.

NR - ok i admit i cant think of a strategy for this faction that would benefit from Chironex, but maybe you know of one...

So, i hate to ask for what is basically doing the work for me, but what would you suggest would be better to maximize Chironex use, a 'Negative Yen' deck, if you would.


The most impressive use for Chorinex that I witnessed was in SC Maraudeurs deck. That being said, my opponent didn't have much units on the board, because I instakilled most of them. Maybe mixing it up with some spells will get you a deck you wish to build. Also, Decoy is great for whatever creature Yen is spawning.


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DRK3;n9800241 said:
... NR - ok i admit i cant think of a strategy for this faction that would benefit from Chironex, but maybe you know of one...
Err... cause you use the Unicorn, to buff your swarm of units, maybe?


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NR You just have to armour up all of your units and then use the Chironex, use with Redanian knights.


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Just a nasty observation I want to add: Yenn ruined my SK Marauders finish by negating most of the points generated from weakened units in a deep round. This means that swarm decks are a natural counter to Marauders even if the person running Yenn doesn't notice it.
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