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Your useless talent

Your useless talent

In this thread we share our useless talents...thing(s) that we are good at but gain nothing out of it.I'll start.If a famous actor/actress lends his/hers voice to a cartoon character I will recognize it almost immediately.
Share yours...and don't be shy.
Wouldn't call that useless, quite opposite imo :D
Yeah... your right... it does work wonders when your trying to focus on playing your game (or doing anything else for that matter) and not have to hear someone babble on about "in my day..." or "when I was your age..." etc. XD

*thinks* Hmm... useless talents...

I am able to wiggle my ears like someone else mentioned. My nose to... although, I am not sure if that is just due to my lip moving when I do it or not... so not sure if the nose one is a proper nosewiggle. XD

I can do the Vulcan V handsign with both hands with ease. \V/_

Ehm... I am sure there are others... but these three will have to do for now. XD
Avoid troubles

I'm really good doing it...but people and situations use to ignore this superb talent of mine... and finally get in troubles... want it or not,it's just so unfair....