Your useless talent

I am good at finding data on the net, whether its about people's lives or it's something academic. If it is a big data, I love to scrap them and I can try to analyse them using unsupervised machine learning, given that the problems to solve fit the method. Potentially I could also be interested in YouTube and Twitter API data but I just dont have time to do it, unless if someone pays me haha.
I can do this:
I can make such bad dad jokes that people listening to them start seriously questioning the worth of life.
And the worst thing is I cannot even make them on will.
I can move my nose. I've never met anyone else who can, and at the same time it's the most useless ability in the world xd.
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I can wave my right ear. Left ear? not so much :)
Oh.. and my nose too!
uuuuuuuuuooooooooooh finally i find someone like me. Although I can move both ears well.
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