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Making time pass in this game is completely irritating

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  • Making time pass in this game is completely irritating

    So, I don't know who decided it would be a great idea to make time passage dependent on campfires/inns, but they can kindly take a long walk off a short pier. Seriously, I don't need to brew potions. I don't need to heal. I don't need to meditate. I just need to freaking sit in a chair in the corner for 3 hours and wait for dusk. Or better yet, how about not making most of the quests dependent on time of day, so that for every 2 minutes of talking I do to progress the plot, I spend 15 running running back an forth to the complete other side of town to the inn just I can make time pass again.

    I am otherwise enjoying this game, but holy heck, I hope this gets fixed in the sequels. If not, it seriously needs to be fixed. If you insist on making quests time of day dependent, you either need to let me wait wherever (at cost of not being able to heal or brew potions) or else be much *much* more generous with locations of campfires and inns.

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    when you meditate you can choose the exact hour you want, it's perfect