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    Welcome on forums! We're glad to have you here with us!
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    Witamy na forum! Cieszymy się, że z nami jesteś!
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    Добро пожаловать на форум! Мы рады, что вы с нами!
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    Willkommen im Forum! Wir freuen uns, dich bei uns zu haben!
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    Salut !

    Bienvenue sur les forums ! Nous sommes ravis de vous avoir ici avec nous !
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    Benvenuto sul forum! Siamo lieti di averti con noi!
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    ¡Bienvenido a los foros! ¡Estamos emocionados de tenerte por aquí!
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    Bem vindo ao fórum! Estamos felizes de ter você aqui conosco!
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    First post!

    This was your first step. Keep going!
    Create a post
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    Once you get a taste of life on the edge, you can't get enough.
    Create 10 posts
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    One of us!

    Forum is your second home by now!
    Create 500 posts
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    High quality

    4k ready, huh?
    Create 4k posts
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    The professional

    They say you have two keyboards — one for forums and one for everything else.
    Create 20k posts
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    That post that you made - somebody liked it!
    Receive a reaction
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    Getting a hang of it

    10 points already? Not bad!
    Receive 10 reactions
  18. 5

    Becoming popular

    Not bad, Samurai!
    Receive 500 reactions
  19. 5

    Quite a bounty

    Enough orens to hire a witcher
    Receive 3k reactions
  20. 5

    That's a lot of points…

    People all over forums can count on you!
    Receive 12345 reactions
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    Level up! I

    Wooh! That was a crazy ride around the Sun! Let's go again!
    Unlocked after a year since registration on forums
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    Level up! II

    It's been 2 years already, felt like just a moment.
    Unlocked after 2 years since registration on forums
  23. 5

    Level up! III

    Did you know that 3 years is enough to throw a ring into a volcano?
    Unlocked after 3 years since registration on forums
  24. 5

    Level up! IV

    It feels like you've been here FOURever!
    Unlocked after 4 years since registration on forums
  25. 5

    Level up! VI

    We've been together longer than Johnny's band!
    Unlocked after 6 years since registration on forums
  26. 5

    Level up! VII

    7 years is what it takes to become a wizard.
    Unlocked after 7 years since registration on forums
  27. 5

    Level up! VIII

    Did you know that CD PROJEKT was 8 years old when it formed the CD PROJEKT RED?
    Unlocked after 8 years since registration on forums
  28. 5

    Level up! IX

    Is there any part of forums you haven't visited yet?
    Unlocked after 9 years since registration on forums
  29. 5

    Level up! XI

    Yeah, these go up to eleven.
    Unlocked after 11 years since registration on forums
  30. 5

    Level up! XII

    A perfect dozen years together!
    Unlocked after 12 years since registration on forums
  31. 5

    Level up! XIII

    It looks like your account is a teenager now.
    Unlocked after 13 years since registration on forums
  32. 5

    Level up! XIV

    That's how old Adda was when Geralt lifted her curse.
    Unlocked after 14 years since registration on forums
  33. 5

    Level up! XVI

    Sweet sixteen!
    Unlocked after 16 years since registration on forums
  34. 5

    Level up! XVII

    By now you probably know every little detail of our forum.
    Unlocked after 17 years since registration on forums
  35. 5

    Level up! XVIII

    Your account just became an adult!
    Unlocked after 18 years since registration on forums
  36. 5

    Level up! XIX

    Did you know that it takes 19 years to build a moon-sized starbase?
    Unlocked after 19 years since registration on forums
  37. 10

    Trial of the Grasses

    Your journey on the path truly begins today
    Create 100 posts
  38. 10

    1k milestone

    A thousand posts! It must have taken a while!
    Create 1000 posts
  39. 10

    You are elite now

    It seems even Brigitte is asking about you.
    Create 1337 posts
  40. 10

    Forum expert

    Been there, done that - there's no corner on this forum that you wouldn't know.
    Create 10k posts
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    Only the most dedicated forum users get this far.
    Create 30k posts
  42. 10

    Familiar face

    People really like your posts - keep it up!
    Receive 100 reactions
  43. 10


    Do you need a chest for all these REDpoints?
    Receive 1000 reactions
  44. 10

    Night City hero

    Everybody in Night City wants to hear your stories.
    Receive 5k reactions
  45. 10


    What?! His reaction score is over NINE THOUSANDS!
    Receive over 9k reactions
  46. 10

    Master troubadour

    Even Dandelion is jealous of your popularity.
    Receive 20k reactions
  47. 10

    Level up! V

    Unlocked after 5 years since registration on forums
  48. 10

    Level up! X

    A decade passed, we're happy that you spent it with us!
    Unlocked after 10 years since registration on forums
  49. 10

    Level up! XV

    You're one of the oldest witchers on the continent.
    Unlocked after 15 years since registration on forums
  50. 10

    Level up! XX

    We're not married, but it's still a great "porcelain" anniversary!
    Unlocked after 20 years since registration on forums
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