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    GWENT: Ask a Dev

    Hello :) Very nice stream today, you guys are on fire right now! I just had a more specific question for you : You said NR will be more of the good guys this time around. But, will a more evil side of NR, like specters *wink*, be built upon? It would make sense that we see more specters with the...
  2. kushkobain

    GWENT: Ask a Dev

    Hi! A quick introduction, I love making decks and I try to post one new deck on gwentup every week or so. That way I can help new players and let older players try something new. But saldy, I've run out of idea's I think.. my life now feels like a korathi heatwave. So I wanted to ask you and...
  3. kushkobain

    Open PTR feedback

    Here are some of the bugs I've discovered : Draug can sometimes target units outside of his reach 2 range for exemple : Using his order to target a enemy unit on the ranged row, while being himself on his own ranged row There is a problem with the Usurper's card art, the hilt of the dagger...