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    The Xbox Gwent players meet up thread!

    Why not make a club ? It'll be easier to discuss and look for friendly games that way.
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    What rank did you get to this season?

    I make it to about 20 every season.
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    Disallow not choosing a card with Royal Decree

    Completely disagree. If you want to play your royal decree without playing a gold then just discard it.
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    About Banished Cards

    That's a really good suggestions to help people who don't use trackers. Scrolling through they side menu doesn't work so well.
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    Since when you play Gwent [Poll]

    Started playing a month or two before the open beta started. I bought a physical copy of TW3 and it had this little slip that said sign up for Gwent.
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    New info on Homecoming from Burza [RIP Gwent]

    The thought of two rows makes me feel gross
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    In Defense of Unseen Elder

    After actually playing around with him a bit, I actually really like elder. He doesn't fit into a single archetype, but I think that's what makes him good.
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    Barclay change idea. (the real problem with Brouver coinflip)

    The problem is cleaver is a dwarf. Swap Cleaver's ability with Sigi Reuven. Nothing changes besides this combo in this one deck.
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    Assire won't let me put cards back in deck

    Not sure what's causing it, I don't push anything besides A to play her. The card just hovers over the board as if it was waiting for me to make a selection in my graveyard, but it doesn't show me anything. I can still look at my cards and graveyard like normal but Assire only gets played then...
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    Assire won't let me put cards back in deck

    Assire won't let me put cards back in deck Title says it all. It doesn't happen often, but often enough that it's lost me a couple of games.
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    Anyone sick of Brouver/Ciri yet?

    I don't think they'll get tired of it until they get tired of winning. That's all that matters to some people.
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    Anyone sick of Brouver/Ciri yet?

    There is a balance patch coming up soon I think. I'm sure if some cards are absolutely broken OP there might be small hotfixes here and there.
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    Will there be another wipe after open beta ?

    CDPR said they don't plan any future resets. I'm pretty sure they said they weren't going to reset in the homecoming announcement either.
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    Demotivate Forfeiting Games

    I thought people just forfeited to end the game faster so we can get on to the next game quicker. Sometimes people play or their last couple of cards even if you pass early.
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    Is playing arena an effective way to build my collection?

    Playing arena is probably slower then playing ranked because you don't get the daily rewards. It's still a decent way to build because you get a lot of scraps and ore, depending on how much you win.