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    News on patch 1.09

    I've been playing the game today and, I have to say, CDPR have made significant improvements to the fps. This does not go unappreciated. Sincerely, thank you.
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    Where the Cat and Wolf Play Quest bugged (also Take What You Want Quest)

    Where the Cat and Wolf Play Quest bugged (also Take What You Want Quest) I just encountered a glitch with this DLC quest. If you choose to fight the Cat School Witcher, Gaetan, he just stands still and cannot be killed. It seems like the same problem with the Werewolf glitch in the other DLC...
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    Skillege Most Wanted Bug

    Bump. I've literally just encountered this. Not only that I had to reload a couple of times because the scripting was broken earlier in the quest (e.g. an invisible boulder falling in the 1st cut scene; subsequent cutscenes in the cave not triggering and seizing up the quest; Endrega's not...
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    Who in the EU for PS4 has got 1.07?

    I'm past waiting for 1.07 and 1.08 forget those... I'm thinking 1.09 is where it's really at. WHERE'S 1.09??????
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    Who in the EU for PS4 has got 1.07?

    Patch: No Location: Ireland Version: Disc
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    Get Junior quest Still bugged patch 1.07

    That's strange. It was down as fixed on 1.06. If you haven't already, try posting a bug report here: It might get to the tech guys faster.
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    Playstation 4 Framerate topic

    Still no 1.06 patch here in Ireland (disk version). Is it out tommorrow?
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    Playstation 4 Framerate topic

    A quote from the Digital Foundry article: "With the new patch installed, the PS4 version doesn't get off lightly either. A route through the bog shows frame-rates lower than our original 1.05 test, where its lock at 20fps holds more consistently as we pass through the boggy thicket. On top of...
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    PS4 Frame rate and Pop In Issues

    Since Patch 1.05 on PS4 I've noticed more pop-in issues generally, but particularly in Novigrad where it gets really bad in certain areas. I'm posting two links for Youtube videos showing examples of this problem.
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    Playstation 4 Framerate topic

    Thanks for this reply and the continued tech support.
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    Is CDPR working on a new patch exclusively for ps4 ?

    Agreed. I've had the EXACT same experience in those areas and with those conditions. Similarly, once you get to Skellige the same fps drops occur when you reach the site of the cataclysm with Yennefer; at Kaer Trolde during the mead hall celebration with a lot of npc's; and the coronation of the...
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    Quest: Cave of Dreams Hitching Problem

    Quest: Cave of Dreams Hitching Problem When you arrive at the shoreline to talk to Lugos' son on the boat, the game starts hitching very badly every 2 or 3 seconds. This freezing also happens during cut scenes in the same quest/area.
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    Playstation 4 Framerate topic

    Yep. That video sums it up pretty well.
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    Playstation 4 Framerate topic

    Regarding patch 1.04, the removal of camera stutter is hugely welcome and appreciated, but frame rate problems remain largely unfixed. Today I played the Echoes Of the Past quest in Skellige, and as soon as the rain and wind started the FPS plummeted again. There are still choke points in the...
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    CDPR response to PS4 frame rate

    This is a thread for people to report problems they're having with the game. In the case of this particular thread, FPS issues. You need to go and post in the "I'm not having any FPS problems" thread. Oh wait... there isn't one.