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:Dit is working this way and i already edited 403 utc files in djinni. the problem is, i dont know if i'm editing correct files. you know, you can pick one file from 1600 and this file is not ever used in game because its only for test purpouse or something. thats why i'm asking, maybe someone know if these files are correct ones and covers all models in main witcher "campaing" adventure or maybe there are more models i should edit.edit: i'm sorry, i should explain it in details at beggining. i'm posting this problem in Polish forum and after that it's so obvious for me what i'm asking about that i posted here vaguely.
im making difficulty mod. it's supposed to be very hard so i want to edit enemies to reward player with higher experience. i found every enemy in "q" .utc files corresponding to acts. q0 prologue, q1 act I, etc. still i find some missing like drowned dead. there is drowner but not drowned dead. already all "q" files, thats 403 files. tedious work!from all utc database there were >1600 files. after deleting all zero exp models, there are 803 left. hope i wont have to edit another 400 apart from "q".
m0_*.utc files are used in witcher "campaing" ?

im creating a mod and i have to run through >1600 utc files so im deleting unnecessary ones to save some time. anyone has an idea if m0_blahblah.utc files are used in main adventure? there are multiple versions of same models in game. can i safely delete these files?
here's your sword. berengar's sword model replace standard witcher sword. unfortunately info about sword (stats, model, appearance) is stored in savegame so you need to get another witcher sword. no problem since you'll probably forge couple of meteorite swords. all meteorite swords and basic witcher sword will look like berengar's since use this mod unpack the archive into /data/override folder. if override folder doesnt exist, create it manually.i can do this mod working on all swords you choose.later i might do it working globally for existing swords in savegame not only for new ones but for this i'd need 3ds max program which i dont have atm.enjoy.and thanks, i like this model too. i'll use it in my game :)edit: i'll use your screenshot to post this mod in Polish forum section. i hope you dont mind, if you do i'll remove it.
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i can do it but i dont remember berengar's sword. can you upload screenshot on forum?btw, only witcher has the witcher sword, others use temerian swords which have the same item model. i find the basic witcher sword model, one of the best in the game. its long and brutal and suits geralt better then f.e. elven swords.
you can easily spawn items by modifying enemy loot. its predefined, by editing it you can assure it will spawn desired item. at first glance i'd say to try extract .utc files corresponding to enemy model from templates00.bif. .utc files can be edited f.e. by GFF editors found on neverwinter vault.
to edit item properties in details i would have to edit .lua files. so far no .lua modification work for me, game doesnt read it. if someone finally confirm whats the reason of it, maybe a way to fix or does .lua files work in his witcher i can do it. for now, editing uti files have limitations. item properties are all hidden under 'weapon ability' or 'armor ability'.besides there would be no visible effect of changing armors the way you'd like, maybe raven armor. basic studded leather has 5% protection, 1/4 of 5% is nothing. excellent leather armor has 10% protection, raven 20-30%. i could give raven armor 5% protection but thats still minimal for swords, they change the game more then armors. i removed positive bonuses and kept minus %dmg on weapons. with both mods i bet you'll still quickly find out its not hard enough. im considering to give all weapons -30% dmg, not changing it to +xx. ofcourse im open for opinions but i'll do next changes this weekend. im short on time now .edit: here's -30% dmg on all swords. now you finally have to use these whetstones, gindstones and diamond dusts.the rest i'll do this weekend, including weapon and armor descriptions.
im testing it right now and it works fine. remember that game must generate new item to get result, this means that swords you already posses wont change. to compare the results try saving before you find a powerful sword like sihil +100% dmg. install the mod, get nerfed sihil, test. delete the mod, load the game and test again. you'll see the difference.
i modified swords removing +%damage bonus and leaving +%chance to critical effect when possible. +50 up to +100% dmg on late swords is nothing to be ignored. also i updated armor and sword descriptions to correctly show which bonuses are removed but thats only for polish version. removing it for most popular- english, german and french would take a long time. maybe i'll do it later.oh, about items being the same. i would buy items only for the sake of different item model. walking whole game with same looking armor or sword is boring. and its still worth changing swords because you have other bonuses. my sihil version ignores target armor but doesnt have +100% damage. thats huge difference but armor penetration is still worth it. i left forged meteorite and rune swords unchanged, otherwise i wouldnt bother to gather the runes and meteorites :pand for my quoted sentence- skills have bigger impact on geralt uberness but +100% damage on weapons.. thats a lot!!
yes, i was thinking about it but this data is held in .luc files. weapons damage have minor effect on final damage value, its geralt skills which make it so easy and all skills are in .luc files. i remove bonusses from all swords, so sihil f.e. will have same properties like normal sword but that would mean no progress in game when changing weapons. well, i'll try it.
[mod] armor difficulty increase mod (EE compatible)

since TWEE i cant run .lua based mods anymore. dont know why but no matter what i do, there's no way to run orkish difficulty mod. placing files in the witcher/data/override folder doesnt work for me. converting lua to luc doesnt work neither. extremely disappointed i couldnt accept the game being so easy so i looked for a way to fix it. there is a simple workaround for orkish mod.the game wont be as difficulty as with orkish mods but its at least something. playing the game i found out that armors give significant boost to survivability.i decided to completely remove armor protection bonuses and it works just perfectly for me. i hope you'll find it usefull as install the mod simply extract the archive to /data/override folder or if it doesnt work, create "uti" folder in /data and place it there.enjoyedit: for the note, mod is not retroactive. it wont change existing armor you already wear because existing armor stats are held in save file. either find/get/buy/make new armor or start new game.
is there any way to edit or recompile bif files?

after extensive forum and google search i found nothing working with the witcher. i need a tool or other method to recompile luc files into bifsi know about override folder, i dont want it. it supposed to work but it doesnt for some strange reason. i want to force the game to read the changes.
there is a way. search for "wiemdzmin" on forum. it allows to extract needed files from .bif. then you'll have to find a file responsible for xp gain and modify it.i dont have detailed answer how to make this mod but i know a bit about witcher. first time i hear about lower exp rewards on high difficulty. its easy to check it yourself, start game on easy and play 10 minutes in prologue. you'll notice that each killed bandit is worth 10 xp. try it on hard and you'll get same 10 xp. maybe there is a difference somewhere but i never noticed any. even if there is a difference, there are numerous unlimited spawning points in game. if you like grinding and power-gaming you can kill enemies up to lvl 50 and more. thats why some poeple finished the game on lvl 30, others on lvl 50.also if you want any challange, picking medium difficulty for (supposedly) higher exp gain will make the game twice less fun. it will be easier because of enemy stats and easier because of higher lvl, thats mega easy. hard difficulty is still VERY easy for any experienced rpg player. you dont even have to use 90% of geralt equipment. no salves, bombs, whetstones are needed. you need 1 or 2 eliksirs and thats all. you can stand in the middle of 10 drowners, leave computer for an hour, come back and you'll be full my humble opinion, dont even consider taking medium difficulty if you want any challange in game.
i checked it again. maybe we understand sequences different. but what about dmg they do to you? it should be smilar regardless of the way we look. check the average, or min-max.dmg dealt by me2x (sequence) 3x left mouse button clicks each worth 2 hits. all without breaking the sequence so i get increasing damage( 5+5, 11+11, 22+22 ) x 2 sequence = around 152