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Hi friend Burza. Very excited for Homecoming.

Earlier you said you weren't sure about somehow linking Windows/Xbox to GOG. Given that a certain other card game is able to link PC and Xbox, is there any technical limitation keeping us from eventually being able to sign into the same GOG account on both?
It's not easy from a technical perspective, this is something we are constantly looking into.


Hi Burza,

Thanks for all the responses. I saw someone mention having the soundtrack from Blood and Wine introduced in the game. That would be highly welcomed. (The Mandragora would get my blood pumping)

To add to that, any plans to introduce some of the tournament tracks into the game (like the Challenger match entrance theme)? Or at least release them officially online?

Keep up the great work!
We can try to release them online in this case :) Music for GWENT is specifically composed for the game, so we try not to add older tracks :)


As far as I can remember Thronebreaker got somewhat inspired by the Heroes of Might and Magic games and we'll be able to build up our city to hire more units. If that's still the case:
  1. Will be be able to upgrade our cards in the campaign? (I've heard we'll be able to upgrade Meve, but what about the normal units?)
  2. Can we build a giant army through hiring more and more unit cards? Or does it "only" allow us to get more cards to build a deck with, so hiring more units "just" increases the card options to pick from?
  3. Will Thronebreaker have multiple difficulty modes and/or unlockables that reward multiple play-throughs?
You have a camp in which you recruit units and equip weapons, items and trinkets to Meve. You have a resource called recruits these let you create units (cards), which you add to your army. There of course will be different difficulty modes.


  1. Is Woodland Spirit going to be the new Monsters leader?
  2. Are any other factions going to see leader swaps?
  3. Will Meve become a new NR leader or will she be Thronebreaker exclusive?
  4. How will you deal with new leaders when you release them in the future, since some factions don't have too many options in terms of lore? Will you create new ones specifically for gwent?
1. Yes
2. Yes
3. Thronebreaker exclusive
4. With big expansions leaders will be added for each faction


Greeting Burza~I’m back~
You see ,there are not too many characters from the books and games suit to lead Scoia'tael Faction,will you create some original leaders?And will Saskia become a leader?
Otherwise,any chance for Yaevinn and Yarpen become golden card?
Leaders will stay the same for now. But Yaevinn will change :)


Hello Burza!

I have a couple questions about Thronebreaker.

1 - Will fights be like the seasonal events (Saovine, etc), e.g you'll be dealt a fixed hand and you'll have to figure out the winning sequencing, or will you play "regular" games with a deck you built? When I was a kid, I played an MTG game on PC (actually exactly this one: in which you wandered around a map and built your deck with cards looted here and there. Basically if Thronebreaker ends up being something similar in a Gwent universe, I'd absolutely love that.

2 - If Thronebreaker ends up being more like the seasonal challenges, there's a high chance I won't play it, cause I didn't really enjoy them, imo they felt more like a puzzle than a card game. Will I still be able to craft Thronebreaker cards without having to buy it, by using scraps?

Thank you very much!
1. A bit of both, puzzles and normal battles, card for multiplayer will be unlocked when you purchase Thronebreaker.
2. Too soon to say :)


Hey Pavel,

I have 2 questions:
1. Will HC release at the same time on both PC and consoles or will there be a delay between the two?
2. Will we get into Thronebreaker from the Gwent client or will it be separate client (ex. if I open GOG will I see Gwent and HC as separate games)?
Thanks for the responses,
Regards to you and the whole team! :)
1. We'll see, once we reveal the date
2. Probably both options for player that know GWENT and for those just coming to see more Witcher tales :)

Thank you for the regards :)