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Hi Burza
Will there be changes coming to reveal...the only "random" tag that lost its uniqueness and serve only as boost/damage mechnic for the moment?
Would be nice if revealing cards actually matters again (for example permanent reveal like in old gwent, but only reveal the lowest haven't-revealed provision cost cards etc)
We'll be changing a couple things with Nilfgaard, but old reveal won't be coming back.
Hi Burza!
First of all wanted to give appreciation - CDPR really did a great job on gameplay and diversity of decks👍

I made a Post on reddit about visual effects and its improtance to viewership of the game. I have 3 questions
- are you planning to implement EPIC visual effects (like Regis for example) of some golden cards abilities on mobile version or PC?
- is there plans regarding improving visuals of statuses on cards?
- does “drug and drop” feature improves fluidity/game speed!

Thank you

- yes,in due time
- we'll see, nothing to share right now
- it makes the game smoother for sure
What are the devs views on f2p players (or new players who are so far behind in terms of collection) and do they expect f2p players to have a complete collection by the time the next expansion is released?

Maybe a month after an expansion would you consider selling 20 guaranteed non-duplicate gold cards for a decent price, so that players can complete their collection faster (so as not to get left behind in their card collection) and not depend on random packs?
It would encourage more f2p players to pay if there was some guaranteed cards to purchase.
No plans for non-duplicate card sales, we feel and know based on stats, that it's quite easy to get the majority of the cards by F2P players.

Seasonal mode is now also available in the Arena!

When you enter the game, all cards in your deck will be duplicated. Whenever you play a unit from your hand, you will also play a unit with the same Provision Cost from your deck!

Special Seasonal Arena mode will be available until Tuesday, April 30th, 12 PM (noon) CEST. Seasonal quests cannot be completed in the Arena.
Hi Burza! Any plans for a Premium keg event before the summer? I know that I and many other veteran players have held back on opening even the kegs we got from Crimson Curse preorders just to wait for a premium event.

For now we'll be dropping the premium keg events and are thinking of a different way to let players acquire premium cards. We'll keep you updated.

Can you say if you're considering any of these 'quality of life' issues?

1) Being able to adjust ambience volume (birds chirping, etc.).
2) Being able to access player profiles by clicking their name on the leaderboard.
3) Being able to hear the sound of players 'Favorite card' when viewing their profile.
4) Being able to listen to card voice lines through the deck builder (perhaps by clicking a speaker icon on the cards).
5) Being able to adjust game board zoom level (I prefer the 'base' zoom level you see at the start and end of the match).
Nope, but I'll add it to a list of ideas I'm compiling.
Hi Burza,
I think we are expecting the monthly patch in 2 weeks? (and the dev stream too)
May I ask whether we will see some changes of the NG faction which you guys promised that you would look into its mechanics, or maybe even a rework?
Thx. Have a nice day!
Yes and yes there will be changes to Nilfgaard with the end of the season patch.
Howdy! Really loving the Crimson Curse expansion, but have a question/suggestion about a quality of life item for the deck builder:

Any chance we can get the option to sort deck by faction? It would make it easier to find the decks when looking through numerous ones. Not really a pressing concern, but something that always pops into my head when i have more than 8 or 9 decks in the deck builder.

As always, thanks for the great game!
Thanks for the suggestion! :)
Any plans to buff Emhyr a little bit? Maybe being able to replay a Nilfgaardian unit or an Artifact?

I'm asking this because he looks weak to me, very situational ability and sometimes is even useless if you have a bad hand.

Also his ability is useless too with his starting deck, because his only target to get some points is Slave Infantry...
Yes, we'll boost him a bit, but in a different way, more info by the end of the month :)