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Eldain’s story is familiar – painfully so. He tried to live peacefully among humans, and, like so many before him, he quickly realized that it’s ultimately impossible. Even if you keep your head down, swallow your pride, there’ll come a surprise hailstorm, a disease, a miscarriage, and someone has to be responsible. This is just how humans work, they can’t accept that things just happen, they need a scapegoat – more often than not, an elf. And then come the beatings, the rapes, the pogroms. Again and again. What were his choices? To run – or to fight. He chose the latter.

Eldain knows he is doomed – all elves are, ultimately – and decided to go out with a bang. He’ll die, tomorrow, in a month, next spring – soon, anyhow. But he can live in people’s memories, he can become their nightmare, a name they mention only in a lowered voice, a name you utter to scare your children. That’s a monument more lasting than bronze.

Eldain knows how to instill fear in his foes. His warriors paint faces with war colours, they torture and leave their victims’ maimed bodies for others to see, they strike from the deep shadows of the primeval forest, silhouettes barely visible in the morning mist, poisoned arrows flying out of nowhere.

But people who actually got to talk to Eldain – and lived to tell their tale – swear he’s nothing like the bloodthirsty monster he’s said to be. Apparently, he’s calm, soft-spoken and takes great pleasure in music. One captive troubadour even asked, as his dying wish, to be allowed to play the flute, hoping that Eldain, moved by the beauty of the song, will spare him. Indeed, Eldain listened, mesmerized by the melody, and clapped with appreciation after the last note echoed off the trees. Then he skinned the troubadour alive.

Concept art by Nemanja Stankovic

Illustration by Anna Podedworna


New patch for Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales is now available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One! With this update, we’ve focused on improving the overall stability, performance and visuals of the game, as well as adding support for Traditional Chinese. The full list of these changes can be found below.


New Features
  • An animation setting for premium cards is now available in the main menu. For new players, "Always Animate" will be the default setting.
  • Added support for Traditional Chinese.
  • New controls have been added for gamepads (Xbox One / PS4):
LB,RB / L1,R1: Jump to the leftmost or rightmost side of a row.
LT / L2: Switch between opponent and player graveyards.
X / Square: Select your Leader.​

Game Fixes
  • Overall game performance has been improved.
  • Overall game stability has been improved.
  • Greatly reduced the chance of blocking player progress due to infinite loading screens (all platforms).
  • Blur has been enhanced to improve both performance and visuals (especially on consoles).
  • Fixed an issue whereby the player would occasionally lose the ability to make selections with the gamepad after entering the camp.
  • Fixed an issue whereby the opponent would get an infinitely long turn after the player viewed the deck preview during puzzle battles.
  • Minor localization fixes.
  • Numerous fixes for PS4 trophies, Xbox One achievements, and GWENT: The Witcher Card Game contracts.
  • Fixed an issue whereby the number of Golden Chests found wouldn't be counted properly by the Grey Rider in the Mess Tent.
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect special rules for the Snowball Fight puzzle battle.
  • Fixed an issue in The Battle of Caedva Gaenvid whereby the opponent would discard all cards and the player would experience an infinite loading screen after victory.
  • Fixed an issue whereby Thronebreaker would crash after attempting to start the Spring Cleaning and Battle for Red Lobinden battles.
  • Corrected a misleading prompt in the camp tutorial for previewing and recruiting cards.
  • Fixed an issue whereby fire visual effects on the enemy ranged row were not visible during the Abandoned Outpost puzzle battle.
  • Fixed an issue whereby either Gascon's or Reynard's card and dialogues would incorrectly appear during The Siege of Tuzla battle even after they had been lost to the player during The Battle for Red Lobinden quest.
  • Fixed an issue whereby gamepad input would sometimes not be accepted at the start or end of a shortened battle.
  • Fixed an issue whereby Thronebreaker would crash following the redraw screen of the Battle for Red Lobinden battle.
  • Fixed an issue whereby loading a game from the main menu would sometimes result in an infinite loading screen.

Season of Love is one of Shupe's favourite seasons – and what better way to celebrate than with a Guaranteed Premium Card Weekend?

Until Monday, February 18th, 12 PM (noon) CET, all three cards in the “Choose 1 out of 3” part of the keg opening will be upgraded to their Premium versions. This means a guaranteed animated card in every keg you open during the event!

Shupe smash smash!
Is Yontek getting into the game this year? since It's year of the pig... also are the rest of the cards from Thronebreaker getting in the game, or are you gonna leave them for now?
Also, are there any plans for some slight Monster nerfs?? Drowner or Cyclops for example??
No more cards from TB creeping into the game for now. We plan nerfs for Monsters in FEB patch.
Hello there.
Do you plan to do something with reward points? In my opinion, those opportunities for their earning, which we have now, are very slow. Many people play very much with the release of HC and they do not have enough points, probably for half available. Tree with base leaders, wild boar, TB and some season's trees that are closed yet. Also, I, as a new player, who came after TB and HC, even with all the awards after the story company, the collection is accumulating very slowly (which is partly the fault of the problem which I described). I hope you pay attention to this and discuss.
We'll see after the introduction of seasonal trees.
Hi Burza

I'm not sure if it wasn't asked before but are there any plans for regular (non pro) ladder rewards like we had in beta with the borders? The ladder standings don't seem to have any meaning nowdays.
Once we have the reward trees working in March you'll be able to unlock new avatars and borders.
RED Points: rrc

Are monsters getting nerfed in february?

I don't play monsters, but I think monsters as a whole are fine, they just seem strong because everyone plays Control, Point slam beats control since Beta, control atm has engines at check, so Point slam has control at check, nerfing them is a mistake because then control is everything, it already kinda is. If anything control should be nerfed or more pointslam options added in the game to counter the massive amounts of damage, which is also undercosted and too efficient, and locks.
They will see some slight changes to bring them down a bit.
I have some questions about Pro Rank Regulations.

1. If I win my "last fight" in Rank 1 and I do not accept Pro Rank Regulations "at once" then: will I stay in Rank 1 with 5/5 mozaic fragments?

2. If, after that, I go to game options and accept Pro Rank Regulations from there then: will I go automatically to Rank 0 or will I need to win "last fight" again?

3. What is so "special" about Pro Rank Regulations that I need to accept them at this stage? What rules weren't already covered by EULA everybody accepted when started playing? What new rules were added at this point?
In order to participate in pro rank you have give us consent to share your personal data with CD
PROJEKT S.A., who will process your data in context of your participation in GWENT Masters - this was introduced to work with the GDPR rules imposed not so long ago. If you don't accept you will stay in Rank 1.