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Absolutely loved the roadmap stream and I am really hyped about Jason being the new game director, he seems like the perfect guy for it!
Is there any plan to release a small number of cards alongside the new leaders in January?
For example a couple of core bronzes to flesh out their associated archetypes/playstyles
Not planned :)


Hi Burza, Jason and team

Nice stream the other night, really enjoyed it! The proposed changes and/or discussion surrounding them are very nice to hear. From what I have gathered the most pressing issue in Gwent right now (and for future directions) is the hand limit. I liked the proposed idea of keeping the hand limit, with added mulligans and I'm keen to see how it will change the game. I also really hope that you guys are not completely discarding the idea of the removal of the hand limit (don't know if the game engine allows it?). With that in mind I have a proposal. If you have some ideas regarding hand limit why not test it as a casual mode in game (something similar that you announced during the stream) from which you could get some feedback from the community as a whole. It would be great if people playing the game can test out different ideas of the hand limit before it is being implemented permanently in Gwent for the foreseeable future?

Keep up the great work guys.
Hi! Thanks! We'll see, but adding that to casual mode might be weird, would rather try to have a PTR for this :)

To celebrate the Monsters Faction Week, Law of the Jungle makes its big return! In this Special Arena mode, you will be able to create your decks with Monsters cards only.

The event will last until December 21st (Friday), 12 PM (noon) CET. Good luck and have fun!

Come, sisters, no point in dawdling. The table's set, the cauldron bubbles…

...and the Monsters Faction Week is about to begin!

Until December 21st (Friday), 12 PM (noon) CET, you will be able to play Law of the Jungle – Special Arena mode in which you create your decks with Monsters cards only.

Additionally, Monsters Faction Kegs have been temporarily added to the store – each Keg costs 300 ore and contains 5 Monsters cards!
I forgot to mention my username in the mail - would that be a problem?

Do I re-send the mail with my GOG username?
That shouldn't be a problem. We'll contact winners via email. If you want, you can send a second email with information about your GOG username or any other information you would like your entry to be signed with - it will not void your entry, don't worry :)
For those of you who could not join in for today's stream – don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Here is the full recording of the stream:

And here is a short overview of our plans for GWENT: The Witcher Card Game:

  • First of all, we’re planning on introducing iterative changes to the game more frequently:
    • hotfixes – whenever needed
    • patches – every month
    • expansions – every few months

  • We won’t be "reinventing the wheel", but instead we’ll focus on the feel and balance of the game. Some examples of the things we’re looking into right now:
    • reverting to the old system of mulligans per round
    • balancing leaders with provision cost instead of number of mulligans
    • changing how the hand limit works

  • As for the regular releases of new content, at the moment we’re preparing for the release of a December hotfix, addressing several bug fixes and performance issues on consoles. In January, we’ll add 5 new leaders to the game – leaders that you might already know from Thronebreaker. Next big expansion is scheduled for the end of March and it will include over 100 new cards. It will also add new mechanics to the game, but its main focus is to flesh out the existing archetypes.

  • Moving forward we’ll be focusing on improving the gameplay – to make it faster, smoother and well-balanced, introducing some “quality of life” updates such as the recent deck overview feature, and polishing the aesthetics (including adding more diverse themes that would still fit the world of the Witcher).

What's next? Expect new updates in early 2019!
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Given that Artifact tcg is currently bleeding in numbers, are you going to capitalize on that by eventually postponing the release of new content/major update until it is ready to challenge major competitors?
And are you considering any marketing move in order to make a broader audience aware of the new changes prior/after release in order to expand your market share in terms of player base?
Watch tonight's stream for more info :)

New hotfixes for GWENT: The Witcher Card Game and Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales are now available for PC and PS4! With this update, we’ve focused on improving stability and performance for consoles.

Full list of changes:
  • Fixed an issue causing Thronebreaker and multiplayer GWENT to crash on PS4 Pro and PS4.
  • Fixed an issue whereby FPS would significantly drop when accessing the GWENT and Thronebreaker Deckbuilder.
  • Fixed minor UI issues.
  • Fixed several in-game Contracts (GWENT).
  • Fixed an issue whereby entering the Mess Tent would cause the game to freeze (Thronebreaker).
  • Added Chinese language support to the GOG version of the game (Thronebreaker).
  • Other stability improvements and fixes.

For Xbox One, the hotfix will become available within the next few days. Until then, Xbox players will only be matched against other Xbox players. Matchmaking for this version of the game will be temporarily adjusted in order to shorten the queue time.