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We won't do an arbitrary morality meter for Cyberpunk. We try to handle these things in a more organic way, by tracking choices you make, and how they affect the people you interact with.
So a ganger on the other city of the city won't care if you told a fixer to fuck off, but the fixer might remember (or maybe they know each other, so now you got a whole new situation on your hand). Basically, we try to keep it as true to life as possible.
Hi I'm a huge fan of The Witcher series and I've been obsessing over Cyberpunk for a little over a year now. I'm starting a radio show and youtube channel soon where I'd like to be able to broadcast play The Witcher and eventually cyberpunk 2077.

Is there a process I have to go through to use footage from my game plays?
Hey! Welcome on forums!

Like Sardukhar said - we're always happy to see people enjoying our games and we do not mind using them to create new content for personal enjoyment (as long as it's not distributed for money or used for commercial purposes) :)

You can find more detailed description of how we approach User Generated Content in the 9th section of our User Agreement:
We actually do have city planners in the studio, and also generally have a very varied team. As a quest designer myself, as an example I know that there's people in our quest team who have studied psychology, philosophy, politology, sociology, and more.

However, I wouldn't say that you have to be a professional in criminology or psychology to write a good crime story or thriller, if (and that's a big if) you do your proper research.
Hey, like in The Witcher, if the story calls for it, you will have a companion or two for a mission, but we don't want to do a "companion system" where you're never alone.
In some quests you will be by yourself, in some you will have one person like Jackie or even a whole group, and in other quests you might be alone or with someone else depending on the choices you made. We really want to have it fit the story, so basically you'll always have someone with you if we think it'll be interesting.
Hey, thanks for the feedback. Of course as stated in the gameplay demo we are still in deep development, and that includes the gameplay and the AI. Please also consider that right after the deal with Royce goes wrong, we mention that we now give the player some high level stats/abilities/weapons he shouldn't have at that point, just so we can show them as well (also Lukasz who played the demo is just really good at the game, it looks quite a bit different when I play it ;))

Of course we'll release more footage of the game at a later point, so I'm sure you'll be able to also see a different kind of combat and behavior.
Will Chippin' In only be released as part of the game's soundtrack, after the game's release?
Too early to declare that.
Because what I heard in the demo really scratched an itch I wasn't even aware of before and I'd be willing to actually buy just that song even before the game releases.
If all goes as planned, you'll find plenty more itches you weren't aware of - keep your fingers crossed for us.
Speaking of radio and music - do we know who the DJs, composers and artists of the music presented in the gameplay video are? I love these electronic vibes that play during the combat and some places, would love to find more from these artists.
All music assets (all but one, to be precise) were composed and produced internally, including Chippin' In and other radio/media tracks.