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Hello Burza and team CDPR,

I believe there was a reply by you on this forum a month or two ago about there being no more premium keg weekends. I am uncertain if it was just a plan for the time being or an indefinite change. I humbly ask if it would be possible to host one last instance of premium keg weekend as it was never announced officially before the last one? For eg, other long term changes such as no full mill value or no more scrap to premium conversions were announced before they were made final, which are totally understandable decisions and were announced first. I am in no way suggesting there there should be premium keg weekends indefinitely but humbly request one last premium weekend as a final sendoff for that event. Love all the Witcher universe games and sincerely thank you for taking the time to consider this post.
Hi! For now we don't plan a return to the event, but we'll see what the future holds.
It looks like the game is going to get started in a different way?

What is this Trauma Team website? ARG?

Madqueen just did a video on it, anyone else wondering what it is?
Has it been mentioned here? Supposedly other domain names for other corporations?
New thread?
Can you choose for Trauma Team to be your childhood hero? :ohstopit:
The website is live since August 2018, it was used in Trauma Team ARG and never went down, not even for a minute :) No need to panic. If there was any update, it was probably just something automatic but that happens to all of our websites. This has no connection (and won't have) to anything further down the road for the Cyberpunk 2077. You can also read more about it in here:
Hi Mr. Burza! I hope everything is going well for you and the Gwent Team!

Just a rather trivial question: are you guys planning to make linking GOG account to PS4 possible for Gwent deck catalogue and other stuff? If not, will PS4 players be able to add PC players as friends and have friendly matches with them in the near future? Thank you very much!
This is something, which doesn't solely depend on us, It won't be that easy I'm afraid.
Hello Burza,
Please can you with your colleges consider changing arena mechanics. Because it's a chaos in there. Playing in ranked you can play around - knowing what your opponent plays (faction/units/spells etc.).
In arena you can't. Literally.
All you can do is to use long/short round strategy knowing what are your finisher and what yours/opponent leader does. That's it.
From my perspective Gwent is about strategy ( and % of card replacement) and not rng. But in arena you can't - the faction restriction will solve this issue by selection leader first and then draw selected faction + natural cards. And to addition set amount of rarity cards which each player will get - this will solve "people rage quitting games" because one of the opponent have insane quality cards compared to yours.
The initial idea for arena is to be a draft, it's supposed to be chaotic, but we'll be looking into the mode overall


GWENT Deck Library has just been updated! Now you can not only share your decks and create guides for them, but also import them from the website – straight into the game!

How to import a deck using the Library?
  1. Choose a deck in the Library.
  2. Click "Import to my decks" button in the top right corner.
    • If you already own all cards necessary to create that deck, it will be imported to your account immediately.
    • If there are cards you do not own, you will receive a pop-up with the list of missing cards and their costs. You will be able to craft all of them with a single click – afterwards the deck will be imported to you account.
  3. Launch the game (or re-launch it, if it was already running).

Currently, the option to share and import decks is available only in the GOG version of the game.

Let us know what other features you would like to see in the Deck Library – and keep an eye on the updates!
... why wouldn't we want that? I mean, aside from your pleasant attitude that makes us all luv you and brightens up these entire forums of course. ;)

Any reason in specific why we wouldn't want you to be silent between now and/or during E3 2019? :p Is the reason why we'd hate you to be silent, coming before or after 2019?
No reason behind it :) Just want to get to know you guys more, what do you look forward to, what are you expecting and stuff like that :)

To arms, all o' youse! New Leader Challenge is here, and this time you will be picking from three of the least played leaders in GWENT: King Demavend III (Northern Realms), Jan Calveit (Nilfgaard) and Harald the Cripple (Skellige). Who will win the battle of underdogs?

The Challenge will last until Wednesday, May 22nd 12 PM (noon) CEST. After the event:
  • all players will have a chance to stock up on the winning leader’s Faction Kegs in the Shop,
  • all players will receive bonus XP when playing as leaders participating in the Challenge in any game mode (+50/40/30% for the first/second/third place).

Now, look alive! It's raidin' time!


How to participate?
  1. Log in to the game.
  2. Select the faction leader you wish to support via the Leader Challenge popup or the Quests tab:
    • King Demavend III for Northern Realms
    • Jan Calveit for Nilfgaard
    • Harald the Cripple for Skellige
  3. Play games* and complete special quests to earn rewards: Faction Kegs and Reward Points.
* Games played or won before committing to a specific faction will not count toward your challenge progress.
* Only games played in Seasonal and Classic modes will count toward you challenge progress – you will not be able to complete quests via friend challenges or in the Arena.
Just please keep in mind that in various situations we simply cannot talk about what's already in the game, what idea we had/have for specific quest or feature and so on. BUT that's why we got forum! We as community team and devs check your ideas and many times we either find confirmation of what we thought would be cool to have here or we totally scratch idea. It's obv not in all cases, but it does happen! And even if devs won't catch something - we do and we gather feedback from our amazing community and at least think about it.

So, while it seems that might be an idea of X, it could be planned all along. And your feedback together with several other things, made us sure it's a right call.
We have the last episode of Play of the Month for you!

Thank you to everyone who sent in their plays and fails during these 20 months – it’s been a fun ride, but for now we’ve decided to shift the focus of our video production team to other content, such as TWIG and Dev Streams.

We’ll be thinking about good ways to redesign the formula of Play of the Month, and if we ever decide to bring it back – we’ll let you know!
Question: Regarding the upcoming mobile version. Will Xbox players also be able to play with their current account on iphone and/or android?
I would like to know this in advance, because I am exicited for the mobilie version, but if it will be pc only I would rather switch now, if account transfer remains impossible.

Kind regards,

Hi! It's too soon to say how this will work.
I'm a competitive player just moved to Gwent. I heard that these two seasons are the last one that counts for this year Masters. Is there any schedule for the next circuit so new player like me can compete from the beginning? Or CPs are kept for next year's circuit?
We;re working out the details for season 2, we'll let you know once it's finalized.