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hi there! i have another question.
about the time the open homcoming letter arrived i was under the impression gwent would become a 16+ pegi game and m esrb game.

now when i am actually writing this i see at the bottom of the gwent forum it is rated m, but in the last mail i got about the recent event stream it's still e esrb and 12+ pegi.

is this just an oversight or is this whole decision is not yet final? you also said you would like to bring some of the dark fantasy atmosphere of the witcher trilogy series. is that still tha plan? thans you!
It's an oversight :)

1) Is RNG really that big of a the problem and is it the worst thing that happened with Gwent ?
2) Do you agree that the main purpose of any game is entertainment ?
3) If you are not playing Gwent professionally, in general what's more fun, playing (with or against) greatswords, alchemy or (with or against) Shupe, Uma, Johnny + Wolfsbane ?
4) Who is the director of Gwent at the moment ?
5) Is Rethaz still working with the Gwent team ?
6) Does CD Projekt Red allow any tours at their offices ?
7) If for some reason Homecoming will fail what's next ?
1) No RNG is the biggest problem, we have to remember that this is a card game and card games will always have RNG, of course we will try to limit the amount of RNG in the design space.

2) Entertaiment and being a competitive title

3) Shupe decks all the way!

4) Mateusz Tomaszkiewicz is leading the project

5) No, we parted ways

6) No, but feel free to stop by the reception for a chat with me, if you want :)

7) It won't fail
Hello CDPR,

It’s more like a little suggestion.

I don’t know if this description is precise, but have you ever thought about prolong the time or change the animation effect of “2-card-play”? Take Assire for example, the situation now is that the time we have to watch the cards returned from GY is just enough for one glimpse, and you can hardly catch 2 cards in one glimpse, especially when it’s one on the top and one at the bottom. I know that we can still get information of the cards by checking GY, but since you want the cards to be shown to the players, why not make it stay longer or somehow make it more directviewing so that we don’t need to check the GY to see what just happened. And the same thing with Dijkstra, the second card it plays is totally covered by the first, if you missed the first moment for that “glimpse”, you won’t know what the second card is until you played the first.

The effect of “2-card-play” is so fast, which is more like a test of dynamic vision. I don’t think you intend to do it that way. Maybe it will change with Homecoming?

Love Gwent and hope it will be better in the future!:)
Thanks for the suggestion, we'll see how much this will change with Homecoming.
Hello, devs and Mr. Burza, when the open beta launched a lot of cards with parallel effects were present in different factions: Spotters, Nekkers, DB Protectors, Pirate Captains,... or Madman Lugos and Leo Bonhart. This idea of parallel design became a meme ("Unga-Cards") but has eventually gotten changed, to an extent at least. What I'm wondering is whether in Post-Homecoming Gwent the cards and archetypes will be functioning extremely uniquely or whether there will be copy-paste design (I'm sorry that I'm making it sound so negative). While I know that the specific cards are far from finished I'm hoping the general design direction is locked down and you can answer my inquiry :)
We're not aiming for copy-paste design, but for new and unique abilities.
How can that be the case when it means reduced decision points concerning all of the cards we currently play into or around with our positioning, which are some of the most notable cards in the game? I understand that those cards might change too, but their concepts occupy important design space. The game will be less interesting without a 3-lane unit buff like Mahakam Ale, for instance.
80% of the cards change, evaluating the row change based on current card design does not give a clear view on what we're aiming for. We'll talk more about gameplay once we have the final design and hopefully that will put the pieces together.


Greetings Burza! I wonder if you could add more songs to the game in homecoming, of The Witcher 3 and also songs of The Witcher 1/2 that has a great OST too! For example "Dwarven Stone upon Dwarven Stone" from The Witcher 2 is a nice song that could be played while you make a deck. Thank you and Good luck ;)!
I'll let the team know :)


It’s been 2 months since AndyWand claimed his victory in the last GWENT Open, which means it’s about time for another tournament!

Open #6 will take place this weekend, July 21st-22nd (Saturday and Sunday) – as usual, we’re starting at 4 PM CEST! During these two days of intense battles, GWENT veterans will clash against the new blood:

MegaMogwai, McBeard and ImpetuousPanda will be returning to the casting desk, and they will be joined by Jaggerous – a new addition to the team!

You will be able to watch the live stream on our YouTube and Twitch channels (with new Twitch Drops available). Additionally, before the Final we’ll show you some new materials (work in progress) from the Project Homecoming – so make sure to tune in!

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