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Hello master of all leaks,
first of all I have to say that new boards look absolutely gorgeous and I really like the direction in which this game went.
Now to the question.

As we saw in both homecoming previews there is zZz icon on units that means their ability is on cooldown. Will all other keywords receive icon that will be visible on the card? For example deathwish would have its skull back (We didn't see any icon on deathwish in preview). In closed beta it was rally cool to have all those icons on unit (for example skull on nekker) . I think it would help players to learn cards faster. In the match when they see a card at first glimpse they would think "Oh this card have skull icon - it means deathwish - it means it does something when it dies". This is one of the thing I hoped would appear back with homecoming. For me it adds fantastic flavour to a card. It would be nice to have all keywords having visual representation. If the answer is no - will you consider adding this?

Best regards
Yes, there will be indicators on cards if they have unique abilities :)


Will Thronebreaker cards have a special indicator in the collection if we do get to craft them?

If you reveal details on the next faction will you be eternally fired and do you know how long after launch it might get sieg-freed?
- We haven't decided yet if they willl have a special indicator
- Next faction will be awesome, that's all i know :)


Hi Burza! Hopefully you guys have time to polish everything that is WIP before release, we're rooting for you guys and if any constructive criticism sound harsh it's because we care and want the game to succeed.

Im sure you guys have a lot of solutions behind the scenes that you can't talk about and it must be frustrating to read things that you already have answers for but haven't had the time to implement yet.

My question: Is there any plans in the future to add *Special Premiums* for iconic cards like Geralt they would say random voice lines on the board or something. They could be crafted for extra powder and or sold in a bundle with kegs.
No plans at this time :)


Hi Pawel!

one short question considering console players, or maybe two ;-)

Am I right to anticipate that all our cards will be milled on Dec 4th for full value no matter if I log in on that day or not? So will this happen automatically?

.....for instance if I log in the first time in December on Dec 10th do I still get the full value for all my cards, or will there be a specific time frame (Dec 4th - Dec 7th ?!?) in which one has to login and mill all the cards in order to get full value?

thx a lot for clarifying...
Yes we will mill on Dec 4th for everybody it's automatically done by us :)


Hi Pawel!

1. Today's Kotaku article says that TB's cards "won't carry over to multiplayer" Gwent. But I thought that a few TB cards will indeed be in Gwent and you can find the premiums in TB. Is that right? Or have you changed this?

2. Will the TB cards be available in Gwent if you don't buy TB? Like, can you craft them even though you don't own TB?

3. Also, in yesterday's HC video we saw the mention of "Traps". Will "Traps" be different from "Ambushes"?

4. From what we've seen of TB, it has a cellshading, slightly cartoon-y graphics style, similar to our current Gwent. As you're changing Gwent's graphics style with HC, will you also change TB's look to be more realistic and darker?

5. One last thing: Gnurrgard said that you do 500kg deadlifts. Is that true? ;)

Much love! <3
1. You unlock 20 card fo multiplayer when you purchase TB :)
2. Most likely, yes
3. It's the same thing :)
4. Oh it's darker :)
5. Not true but I do 500km weekly on a bike, hope that works :)


Hello Burza,
Sorry for some negative feedback on the videos in advance.
Sincerely curious, do you have a card design group working separately from the art group?
It's really nice to have a fancy board.
Though some may feel weird putting cards on dirty ground. Not my opinion. What's done is done. Good enough for me.
My main concern is about the card's ability.
I bet a lot of people just pause the video to read the card's ability like me.
We couldn't resist even it seems still very ongoing comparing the fancy board.
Card game needs some complexity in my opinion. It feels good to get a great card value through combos and plans not just play cards for fixed value.
Some say you were just keeping those cards from us in the video.
One or two cards may seem to be engine cards. I just don't see many combo potential.
Will we see more of those cards?
What you currently see is early design, most of the abilities are not final :)


after the introduction of restrictions (removed the leader's card, removed the series, removed the binding to the series, cut the cards, reduced the number of cards) the game will become very simple, are not afraid that the players will lose interest in it?
The game is more complex with Homecoming IMHO, look at the new mechanics plus cooldowns on activated abilities :)


Hi Pawel!

Firstly I would like to say that the new video brought me just a lot of positive emotions! Starting from the date of releases ending with visual content. Secondly, I am very glad to see you in good health and with a smile on you face!

I have 2 questions:

1) When will we finally be able to see anything about the TB? Trailer or maybe screenshots?
2) Will we see the rest of the factions in the following videos? Will there be videos before the tournament?
1. Screenshots are almost ready :)
2. That's the plan :)


Dear Pawel,

Thank you for the hard work!

1. In the future, is the vision to replace cards on the board by 3D models of all characters? :) Similar to the leaders. So, rather than placing cards on the board, there will be 3D characters on the board (like chess). And, playing a card will move or trigger a character action. It will be even more a battlefield then :)

Feel free to steal this idea. Luv CDPR!
Not planned I'm afraid :)