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ok, i can definitely confirm that difficulty increase doesnt work which is not something unusual. game is based on same engine and file structure as nwn and there hakpaks often doesnt work with new patches. its not that it wont work in future but this mod must be remade again. extracting files from 1.4 version of the game and updating them with difficulty changes.
youngneil1 orkisz havent been seen from some time1) im trying the mod with twee. camera works, movements works but i dont see ANY increase in difficulty. guess that mod isnt compatible anymore but i have to test it more to be sure2) dont remember how was it before but with twee its still SO very easy. its almost impossible to die3) just remove moverates.2da from override folder. you dont like talent changes, remove talentstable.2da. you dont like camera... you know the drill4) yes. there are few problematic places. just delete the mod for a minute to trigger event and install again after.
The equipment is only supposed to be enhanced into more transparent in EE. For example there's going to be separate slot for ingredients (and i think that there's going to be 14 more places for these small things, but I'm not sure ;D).So don't worry, the game will be still realistic about equipment. There will be no Rambo-witcher :D