1.12 Light reflections disappearing on the asphalt (wet)

Hey guys,
I hope someone can help me with this, basically as the title say when I run in the city I see those cool and shiny reflections in front of me but when I get closer to them they disappear. It used to happen sometime but it wasn't this bad, it's like someone turning the ligths off but it does not happen everywhere.

I've uploaded a 30s video on imgur:

Is it something about the map/street itself or else?
I've the feeling it happens only under certain conditions (i.e. too many lights)

Currently I've the settings maxed out, even to psycho, (30fps average with a 2060S) - DLSS on quality.
The only setting I've changed thru the Nvidia Profile Inspector is the one for the Texture filtering - LOD Bias (DX) to -3.0000, in order to slightly sharpen them.

Any tip will be appreciated!
I don't know how to fix it, but here's what it looks like is happening:

* There is a range in which reflections are drawn around the character.

* When the character is moving quickly (on a vehicle), the game predicts where it needs to draw the reflections.

* It draws a new "tile" of reflections ahead of the player's path of travel.

* The game removes the oldest tile in the direction of travel.

The point in red is where the game seems to be tripping up. It's removing a reflective area that is still in the player's view, instead of once the player has passed that area and it's no longer visible. A couple of reasons for this are just suboptimal reflection drawing algorithms, or your GPU doesn't have the resources (compute power or memory) to maintain reflections ahead of you far enough *and* the reflections right under you, so it swaps out the older ones first, typical FIFO (first in, first out) queuing behavior.

As an experiment, you could try turning some settings down, particularly reflection quality, or upping your DLSS to "balanced" instead of quality (they both look pretty good to my eye). If the problem goes away or becomes lessened, then you know what's going on and you can decide which is worse: reflection pop-out or reduced visual fidelity.

That's my guess anyway, could be something else entirely. Would be intersted to know what you find out if you try my suggestions.
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