[Bug] picking up an HMG in a safe zone or entering one adds the weight to character

I just went over my carry capacity limit picking up a legendary HMG while in a safe zone (the melee shop in Pacifica… see attached image), with no way to remove the HMG weight from my character since the HMG vanishes if picked up in a safe zone or entering one while the HMG is equipped. Please fix! Hidden HMGs are weighing down my character!

(Note: I sold some stuff, saved the game then recreated the bug for the attached images.)

In the attached images:
Green Arrows point to the before weight of 276 and the equipped Blade. Yellow Arrows point to the weight of 287 and the HMG visibly equipped. Red Arrows point to Blade once again equipped and the after weight when the HMG has “disappeared” from the game when entering a safe zone… as you can see, the weight persists at 287 ?!? (Click images to expand and see the carry weight.)


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