Continuously crashing during the task, requesting help!

When I was carrying out the Dog Town DLC "Talk" mission, the task required players to go to Sapphire to attend Hansen's funeral. As I walked to the entrance of Sapphire, the game crashed. I have tried many methods, such as restarting the computer, restarting the game, turning off in-game coverage of the graphics card driver, turning off cloud storage on Steam, turning off cross platform saving, saving and reading files, but the problem still hasn't been solved. Also, my graphics card driver is the latest.
The crash code is as follows:
Error reason: Unhandled exception
Expression: EXCEPT_ ACCESS_ VIOLATION (0xC000000 5)
Message: The thread attempted to read inaccessible data at 0x70
This problem has been bothering me for several days, and I hope friends who know the solution can help me
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