Game Tab Wont Open

I am currently having a very strange issue where the game itself loads up the intro guy plays and if I hover over the tab on my taskbar it shows that its there and that its working but the moment I try to open it it boots me out immediately for the very short amount of time it lets me in I cant press anything and it isn't frozen it just boots me out over and over again with no way to open it I've tried relaunching it many times I've searched everywhere for an answer but I cant find it can someone please help
Strange :(
It worked before? If yes, did you use mods?
At first, you can try to verify the game files :
Also remove these folders and then try to verify the game files :
  • REDEngine and CD Projekt Redfolders from here %userprofile%\AppData\Local\
If you can't see the folder in Windows Explorer window then select:
- on Windows 10: View → Hidden items
- on Windows 11: View → Show → Hidden items
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