Is it too much too ask for a working hercules 3 ax? [BUG]

The hercules 3ax is a smart weapon. THAT DOES NOT WORK WITH SMART WEAPON PERKS.

The perk: Target lock transfer does not work with the hercules 3ax. And so you say so what? Whats the big deal? Well, the hercules would have been the FOUNDATION for a run and gun build. There are sooo many smart submachine guns. But not so many smart assault guns. There is divided we stand with barely any ammo capacity, and there is the hercules. With 90 ammo.

The entire point of having an assault rifle and an smg is to swap to the smg, fir a burst to kill a target, swap to assault rifle, fire a burst to kill next target, swap back and so forth taking advantage of the submachine fun perk to reload the smg. You want an assault rifle and not a pistol or another smg as your swap partner because of ammo typing. The assault rifle uses heavier ammo allowing you to have double the ammo as if you were just running smgs or pistols, and not running out of ammo is incredibly important when engaging maxtac at high level.

Hercules not working with the target lock transfer perk forces the user to wait 1 second on every single weapon swap while the smg reaquires the target. It ruins the flow of combat and its a glaring eyesore.

Here would be a better design:
From hipfire, hercules fires homing rounds and works with the target lock on
While aiming down sights, hercules fires normal power rounds that richochet. It has increased fire rate, and reduced recoil.

THIS would work perfectly with the run and gun style player. It has the target lock swapping neded to have a good flow for combat. :mad:
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