Is there a way to see weapon handling stats? After fixing my aim settings i realised why some guns feel kinda bad on controller i think

over the years I couldn't find a good setting until recently, i found a decent template to work with a few days ago. Today after spending hours fixing my aim settings i found something that worked for me and its pretty smooth
Through the setting i made, I noticed certain guns have tighter aiming and this makes them not respond to the controller well. aiming feels like its slower, choppy and in general not very responsive, while some other weapons were more fluid faintly choppy but very manageable

The weapons that do not have great handling are
the malorian, nekomata, double barrel shotguns, crash, carnage, plan b, seraph

The weapons that i could tell had great handling
The dr5 and a few others

The aim settings i use for controller
Inner dead zone 0
Outer dead zone 0.81

Horizontal sensitivity 15
Vertical sensitivity 14

Response curve: recommended
Horizontal turning bonus 3
Vertical turning bonus 2.60
Turning ramp up time 0.70
Turning delay 0
Horizontal turning (ads) 2
Vertical turning (ads) 1.80
Turning ramp up time (ads) 0.80 0.30 makes malorian significantly smooth
Turning delay (ads) 0

i turned off aim assist and while i cant see the difference with weapon sway on weapon i set it on camera but these settings have worked very well for me
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