Vega 56 terrible performance since 1.6 patch. A bug?

I already wrote about this issue in other threads but I'm gonna make my own in the hope that something gets done about it. Unlikely, seeing as not a lot of people own Vega 56 but I have to at least try to have clean conscience.
Basically when patch 1.6 arrived, my fps took a nosedive. Since then I changed my CPU from Ryzen 3600 to 5600 but it didn't do anything. I'm aware graphical presets have changed slightly. Below I'm pasting an image with my testing results from CapFrameX. Custom identical settings in both builds. Data from the benchmark but also from a ride around the city (64 seconds long).
In-game average CPU usage in 1.6 is lower (41% vs 56%) but most importantly GPU power draw is way lower (145W vs 196W). Very odd (Checked at the wall too).
Basically, on these settings, older 1.52 build has 50% more average FPS and 66% more 1-percentle FPS. Sorry, but that's not normal.
Some more recent examples at different settings in current build (1.61 DLSS-Reflex). FPS reading took right after loading a save from downtown (most demanding):

low settings: 76 fps (1.52) -> 42 fps (1.61)
med settings: 60 fps (1.52) -> 35 fps (1.61)
max settings: 33 fps (1.52) -> 23 fps (1.61) - power draw from ~240W -> ~190W

I probably tried everything you can think of (older drivers, DDU, AMD cleanup utility, fresh windows 10 and 11, restore default game settings, some tool called MPOGPUFIX, I think I even rolled back to older BIOS). And probably many other things I can't be bothered to remember but if you have any non-time-consuming ideas, go right ahead.
I might send these numbers to AMD but then again all other games work fine, 1.52 works fine. AMD didn't change anything. It's the game that got "updated". But hey, maybe AMD will know what's happening and contact you. One can hope.

I did the first playthrough on 1.52, heavily modded. But all the readings here are done without any mods installed.

My build: Ryzen 5600, Sapphire Nitro+ Vega 56, 16GB 3733 MHz CL16 DDR4 with tight sub-timings. Up-to-date Windows 10, 2560x1080, game installed on NVMe SSD.

EDIT: Corrected CPU load and GPU power draw numbers to match the numbers from attached image (must have been numbers from older measurements).

benchmark and in-game FPS comparisons - 1.52 and 1.6.jpg
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Haha, welcome to the club :)

I have a Vega 64, with 3700x and 16GB ram. Experiencing almost the same issues, but my fps drop is not as huge as yours.
Before said patch I was playing the game smoothly and it looked great, with some graphic options tweaked, but now it is bad.

I blame it on the freaking game engine and I do not expect it to be fixed anymore.
Thanks for the reply. You think this problem is Vega specific?
And if it was an engine problem that would mean the engine had been updated between 1.52 and 1.6?
Anyway, I managed to finish the game before 1.6. If I bought it later I would have to rollback to previous build (if I'd figure it out) or would just refund it because it's unplayable on 1.6 for me.
Seeing as this issue has been ignored for like half a year I doubt I'll play the game again before upgrading my graphics card.
Hey there, just posted about my own issues with performance on Vega, and stumbled upon this old post. Safe to say, I'm also experiencing these same issues. Though I don't know when it began specifically, as I haven't played since the game came out.
I've the same issue with my Vega 56. I started the game in late 2021 (version 1.30), with optimized settings I was playing between 35-55 fps, in 1440p. Not the best conditions but playable, I beat the game like that and I enjoyed it.

Then the update with first implementation of FSR came in, and with FSR on quality mode I was getting 45-65 fps.

And finally the 1.60, now the game is running between 25-45 fps, FSR doesn't give the same performance boost than before, it's even worse looking by introducing huge ghosting behind object in movement, like cars/bikes. Even using medium or low preset doesn't have a real impact on performance.

Same as OP I noticed the GPU power draw is quite low.

I tried a RX6800 few days ago, and the performance was great, but the difference with the Vega 56 was way more important than other games. In the integrated benchmark, with same settings : 35 fps for the Vega 56, 98 fps for the RX6800. In many other games, the difference is x2 at best.
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