Avoid fall damage

I didn't get a video of it, but I found out on accident that if you get knocked down from something, like when you get hit by a vehicle, then you wont take any falldamage when landing (even if you fell from a very high spot).
Found out by getting spotted by camera during "psychofan" gig, so felt like finding a way down without using the elevator or smth to avoid combat, but accidentally dashed out into the air, then dashed back, but got hit by one of those flying vehicles, getting the "hit by car" bump effect. That resulted in just falling to the ground, and when I landed, the game pretended like if I had just hit a vehicle normally, meaning no damage at all.

Little update: you gotta time it right. game doesnt just wait, but normally it'd take like 2 seconds for effect to wear off. if you fall and land within that time, you dont take any damage
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