Can't Sign in to REDLauncher on Steam only Sign up

I downloaded Cyberpunk on Steam after beating it on PS5. I uploaded my save data to the cloud to use cross progression. But I can't simply log into my GOG account in the REDLaunceher that comes up before the game launches on Steam. There is no option to. Only to Sign up for a NEW account or continue with Facebook (which is currently down anyway). Am I totally missing a Sign IN option? I swear I scoured the window for anything like that. Any way to link your account by going around the REDLauncher? Answers much appreciated, thanx.
Weird :(
You can take a screenshot of RedLauncher and post it ?
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I could be wrong, but at least, I think you can link you account directly in the game.
If you launch the game, in the main menu, you should have the option to "claim you in-game" rewards. So click on it, link your GOG account here and it should be fine for cross-progression
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