Cyberpunk 2077 + Phantom Liberty - thoughts after first playthrough

Hi, just finished my first time ever since release journey with Cyberpunk 2077. I am honestly a bit overwhelmed by this. I dunno how exacly describe it but the feeling I have after finishing the game is like good moral hangover that stays with you and you think over and over about it. Just... the depth of this game storyline.... it feels like other games I have been playing are for kids at max.

I bough the game at realease on PS4, started first mission then saw how bad the game was at the time and decided to wait. Tbh I wasnt much hyped about the game becouse I prefer fantasy setting so it wasnt bothering me at the time. I told myself to wait first for patches, then for PS5 version of the game, then I heard the DLC is comming. When you finnaly released it all I decided that the time has come and I want to push it. In this 3 year period I wasnt reading spoilers etc. so I honestly came into this like freshman, all I heard that story is good. Now that I finished the game and DLC i think good is an understatment! Its a god damn masterpiece. The story, setting, music, WORLD, how you developed missions that you could finish one unsignificant mission and then some time later you hear about it. This world lives!

Honestly I am blown away by this game, it took me 90 hours to finish it whole (all contracts, all missions etc.) but I think I still missed a lot and it is not only diffrent choices!

Just want to say, thank you, devs for the time and love you put into this project, You can really feel it as you play it!

P.S. Now that I ended it I can see that I was quite lucky :D I ended with what is considered a good ending - the one with Panam :) I was really confliced to go and ask her for help or to go and get help from Hanako, glad I picked her :)
You might enjoy the „Dont fear the reaper“ ending than… got goosebumps the first time I played it the second the music kicked in after the rooftop scene. ^^
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